Present Moment Living

Right now … Magic Passion Love exists.
Its a choice anyone can make.
Unlimited possibilities

Magic Passion Love possibilities are everyone’s right.
Even duty … its not hard to understand the
power humans have. Imagine if we use our collective energy for a common cause. Having Personal Resposibility to helping the planet and its inhabitants survive.

What cause could be more unifying than
Magic Passion Love?

I’m with you. Right Now …
I share my Magic Passion Love with you, Right Now.
Feel it …
cool, huh?


many questions need to be asked?
most questions don’t have answers and this is OK.

we don’t always need to know the answers but its important to ask the questions…

what is magic passion love?

only you can discover this…
only you know what it is to you.

my question today is…
what is the difference between

Sending Love
Giving Love
receiving LOVE

something to think about.

It’s cool to Love.

It really is … to love the sun shining in the window on an early winter morning. Its ok to love going to a job that really isn’t your life’s passion but you are good at it … and you work with some magical people. Its ok to love that you are working hard on what some people call an “impossible dream” but its your dream …. its what makes you alive.

Its ok to love your friends – the ones you hardly ever see because you are all taking care of yourselves. Its ok to want to love a lover differently and more intensely and with a little bit of pain. Its ok to love all of this shit that happens in your life because its your life. Its cool to love all of this because if you can love all of this .. it means…. it means YOU LOVE YOU.

and this is the coolest love of all. You loving you.

It’s cool to Love.

Feels good to care.

Feels good to care.

It’s my intention to promote to Magic Passion Love in our lives.

Magic is as simple as looking at the mysteries and beauty of life. I feel if one sees the Magic and understands that we are “part” of everything, perhaps we will understand our responsibility to keep the Magic flowing by taking care of our Planet.

Passion is what can drive us to live our hearts desires. Following our Passions & from living one’s dreams can inspire others to live their full potential. We are not here for ourselves but for future generations – this should be a priority.

Most important –is LOVE. It is important for people to start loving themselves. We must stop judging our differences and blaming each other for everything. Love enough so we can move in the direction of Peace on Earth.

Being aware of Magic Passion Love makes one care. Feels good to care.

month of love…

its a new month .. change is what life is all about.

words that go thru my mind these days – –

whatever you think is going to happen – it isn’t going to.

let go of expectations and embrace the unknown.

i’m trying.

good thing there is Magic Passion Love in my life.