It’s cool to Love.

It really is … to love the sun shining in the window on an early winter morning. Its ok to love going to a job that really isn’t your life’s passion but you are good at it … and you work with some magical people. Its ok to love that you are working hard on what some people call an “impossible dream” but its your dream …. its what makes you alive.

Its ok to love your friends – the ones you hardly ever see because you are all taking care of yourselves. Its ok to want to love a lover differently and more intensely and with a little bit of pain. Its ok to love all of this shit that happens in your life because its your life. Its cool to love all of this because if you can love all of this .. it means…. it means YOU LOVE YOU.

and this is the coolest love of all. You loving you.

It’s cool to Love.


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