MPL Flashcards

I created Magic Passion Love Flashcards about 5 years ago as a tool to help me enjoy my life more. I needed help remembering. I needed to TRICK myself … and since I’m a trickydame – it worked. I enjoy my life a lot more these days … so much that I want to share flashcards with you!

no matter what, every moment passes easier if you can find one thing to enjoy ~ it’s got to be tough in places where there is so much violence, hatred and pain…

so many negative thoughts breed more – we might never stop all of the pain but we can try to enjoy the challenging moments – put that positive energy out there … 2 beams of positive energy kills at least 3 negative energy beams. Let’s boost the positive energy to full capacity … see what happens.

today is a good day … may you enjoy it.

If you would like to have your own set of Magic Passion Love Flashcards, email

16 cards for when you need a quick zip zap. Positive energy from me to you. Spread this energy in your world. Let’s see what changes might happen with more positive energy out there.”

To purchase 2 sets cost $10, price is $10 (includes shipping)
One for you and one to give away. It feels good to give Magic Passion Love

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