MPL mixes with romance very easily…

I look forward to meeting my next lover.

It’s kinda fun to be romantic about love … and be realistic.

It is the 21st century and we are evolving even if it doesn’t feel like since so much bull shit is happening. so we take action – take responsibility for our lives and others … I think I do … and

Life is good … and it would be nicer if I had a cool, smart, sexy man to share moments with. I’m looking for someone who feels good about his life, takes action in areas that are important to him, someone who isn’t perfect & is employed 🙂

I can’t fall in love with anymore out of work artists … I’m an artist and I have no desire to live the “starving artist” lifestyle anymore – not fun. I like to have fun … life is too short not to enjoy it.

Busy … good busy … good relationships take time – I open to this. People always say you have to do things that you like to do and you’ll meet the people that you are supposed to meet. Yeah, maybe that’s true but it can be tricky! Thank goodness, I’m a trickydame.

‘Tis funny though, so many people say they are looking for romantic love and yet, so many are scared shitless to get it. WHY??? I suppose it’s just one of the many mysteries of life & perhaps dead bunnies.

When the dead bunnies thoughts inch in – I try to remember the

MAGIC involved when you connect with another human
PASSION shared about the love and your lives
LOVE given and received feels really good.

When I change my thoughts – my vibrations change … and that’s when the LAW of ATTRACTION Works!

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