A doll & a dog story

On Tuesday, November 6, 2007 – Trickydame told a story about her doll and her dog …


First Trickydame went to Chicks and Giggles where she told a packed Ochi’s Lounge @ Comix the story about Tom 4 Prez!
Here they are with Carolyn Castiglia, the hostess with the mostess!

Tom 4 Prez & Chicks who Giggle

Then Trickydame and friends hopped into a cab and went to Cornelia St Cafe where Trickydame told the story of the “Highly Trained Spy Dog” at Sherry Weaver’s SpeakEasy – Stories from the Back Room

Here’s 18 seconds of the story ….

Tom loves Sherry Weaver!
Tom & Sherry Weaver

Photos by Julie Staub, thanks to Jessica for being the Tom Handler, Chris & Anna for being Tom’s entourage!