Struggle Addiction

We live in a nation filled with ADDICTIONS – caffeine, chocolate, pills, alcohol, cocaine, reality tv shows, gossip, video games, sex, anger, pain, …. and the struggle created when working on your creative dreams.

DOES ACHIEVING ONE’S CREATIVE DREAMS NEED TO BE A STRUGGLE? I don’t think so – an idea that many share is that there are three parts to the Human Being – Mind * Body * Spirit.

The Body is the one aspect of the human that has the least issue with “struggle” – the heart pumps, the blood flows, the waste is flushed out, the hair grows – with very little struggle. The Spirit is one with the Universe. It’s the MIND … often called the Ego that upsets the flow of the Body & the Spirit – thus creating a struggle. It’s using the Magic Passion Love within ME that allows me to overcome my addiction to struggle!

strug·gle (strgl)

1. The act of struggling.
2. Strenuous effort; striving.
3. Combat; strife: armed struggle.

v. strug·gled, strug·gling, strug·gles

1. To exert muscular energy, as against a material force or mass: struggled with the heavy load.
2. To be strenuously engaged with a problem, task, or undertaking: struggled with his math homework.
3. To make a strenuous effort; strive: struggled to be polite.
4. To contend or compete: “Right and wrong … will ever continue to struggle” Abraham Lincoln.
5. To progress with difficulty: struggled through the novel.
To move or place (something) with an effort: struggled the heavy desk into the elevator.