Lunar Eclipse

It was a cold night in country – the sky was black and it was filled with stars. The land was covered white with snow. Up in the sky, the moon began to change —darkness crept over and then – – to blood red. It was quite a beautiful night to be alive.


A total lunar eclipse occurred on the evening of Wednesday, February 20, and morning of Thursday, February 21, 2008. It was visible in the eastern evening sky on February 20 for all of North and South America, and on February 21 in the predawn western sky from most of Africa and Europe.

The total lunar eclipse is the first of the two lunar eclipses in 2008, with the second, the August 16, 2008 event being partial. The next total lunar eclipse will occur on December 21, 2010.

Defenders of Love

It’s been a few days and I’m still so pleased with the Defenders of Love show on Wednesday. It was amazing because of all of the people who performed and donated their time and products to help raise money for the Brooklyn Young Mother’s Collective and to help promote the idea of being DEFENDERS!

It was an easy choice to choose this issue to DEFEND. Motherhood is the most sacred and important role that we have in our society and needs to be respected and supported whether the mother has a partner or not. Women are often marginalized in our society and women with children even more so. Today many women are struggling with debt and it’s even harder if you are a single mother trying to support your family.

The mission of The Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective is to break the cycle of generational poverty among pregnant and parenting low-income mothers by helping them actively engage in improving the conditions that impact their lives. We do this by providing comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health education, legal information and advocacy support. We also build leadership skills in young mothers and organize them to improve the response of community and government agencies in addressing their needs.

Here are a few other sites who Defend Single Mothers!
National Organization for Single Mothers
The Motherhood Project
Single Mom Seeking
Solo Mothers
Moms Rising
Single 2 Mother

There are so many ways for us to defend our rights by using our talents and skills! If we all work together – who knows what we can make happen!? I know what did happen on Wednesday- we created & shared a lot of Magic Passion Love with each other .. and this only means there’s more positive energy in the world! Thanks for being a part of it!

Defenders are world citizens who take action to support the well being of the planet and all of its inhabitants. Defenders are Free Thinkers! Trickydame & Tom 4 Prez are Defenders! Here are some other Defenders!

Defenders of Love

Defenders of LOVE – 02.13.08


Wednesday Feb 13th

Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow @ Stanton

Join the DEFENDERS for an evening of music, poetry, comedy, raffles, dancing, and bake sale – all to raise funds and awareness for Single Mothers.

doors open @ 7:30pm

$5 in advance – buy a ticket for a friend for $4!!

$7 at door


Raffles could win you a fake chocolate cake autographed by Amy Sedaris and other sweet prizes or get your Valentine a real cake at the bake sale.

Proceeds of the Raffle goes to support The Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective. The mission of the BYMC is to break the cycle of generational poverty among pregnant and parenting low-income mothers by helping the actively engage in improving the conditiosns that impact their lives.
(BYMC is not affiliated in any way with Trickydame Productions, they are the group TdP has selected to raise money for because they are doing good work.)

Enjoy musicians, poets & a ventriloquist all performing to honor the Love of the Single Mom. Performances by:

carla & cecil
toy soldiers
Poets/Authors of Defenders of Love
TOP: L to R – Bianca Stone/Carly Sachs/Nicole Bufanio
BOTTOM:L to R: Nicole G & Shyla/Julie Metz

Music All Night by DJ Shinratek

Join Tom 4 Prez and Be a Defender!

You can make a difference just by being YOU!

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Gratitude is Magic!

I am grateful – words can not express the gratitude I have for my choice to put my intentions to my passions which has allowed me to experience and create magic in all areas of my life all the while to be receiving more love from so many people including myself.

bergamot oil
white flowers
sweet music
soft breezes
delicious coffee
beautiful naked body
positive people
multi-tasking responsibly
being human
financial abundance
strong relationships
healing myself
energetic body
unexpected possibilities
taking risks
being fearless
tom 4 prez

yeah, I am grateful