new moon in march


It was a good weekend out of the city – a chance to take a break from the To Do list – to just BE – to recharge my Life Source ENERGY – to take a moment to remember to live RIGHT NOW!

To honor living in the moment, I created my RIGHT NOW OIL:
Ginger – Cinnamon – Pettigrain – Basil – and pinch of Black Pepper

Life is good.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Pisces, the theme of life’s creative cycle — and the focus of people in general –becomes more altruistic and selfless. The flavor of life in Pisces energy tends to be quieter, more thoughtful and reflective. In the cycle of creation, this is intended to be a period of tranquility and peace, of summing up, closure, and gentle acceptance of “what is” … before beginning to reach for “something more” with the arrival of impetuous and pioneering Aries … next time.

On this New Moon, use some of your ritual time to consider what destructive thoughts, emotions, and actions can be released. Pisces is the sign of endings: of letting go for good. The New Moon in Pisces is the time to recognize that boundaries and distinctions are not real. They are the work of Maya; the great illusion of duality. Global healing and peace are not only possible, but can be a reality. What a night to enter powerful states of mind through meditation and trance, in order to heal the massive suffering on our planet. This is not some kind of magical thinking. This New Moon is our chance to begin doing at home what must be done globally.

Heal your life and you will make a great contribution toward healing this world. Open your heart, let compassion be your guide and become an active peacemaker. Don’t be afraid to do the work of loosening your attachment to self-identification. Love yourself by loving others. We are all in this together, and together we can do the impossible. Be inspired to be a beacon of peace and light for the world. Dive deeply into this powerfully transcendent New Moon cycle.