Women BLEED!

It’s a fact … I think it’s what bonds women most of all and what really could bond …is to remember women KNOW your pain! At some point in our lives, women experience cramps during the time they have their “monthly friend!” As i am experiencing right now – the knawing rub against my inner stomach creates a low ache that rolls around the lower chakras. I embrace the pain because it only lasts for a few first hours of my bleeding.

Next time your in public when you start some menstrual pains – look at the women near you – KNOW THEY KNOW YOUR PAIN … breathe, feel your pain and allow the other women’s energy be there with your pain …your not alone. Just sitting here thinking this – knowing right now I’m connected with the women energy of the world and my little pain in my stomach has just been zipped and shared thus … eliminating it because spread across the power of women – it feels good.

Enjoy all of the moments … even the bloody painful ones.

One way i’ve discovered to really enjoy my period is by using the KEEPER

Simple to use, both The Moon Cup and The Keeper are innovative feminine hygiene products that are worn internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfortable, expensive, paper-based products. Economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive alternatives to other feminine hygiene products.

This is the second time I’m using it. It’s very easy and it’s kinda cool to see your blood! Beware it is bloody – but it’s me! I think if you keep using it, you figure out how to use it best, duh! ~practice is key with anything~ Check it out … it took me about 4 years to finally buy one after reading it about it. I bought mine at the Great bookstore in NYC on Allen St & Rivington – BLUE STOCKINGS

I Binge!

It sucks that when I go thru emotional/stressful shit – I turn to food to curb some uncomfortable feelings. To work thru this challenging habit – I decided to make art!

Here are the foods I seem to crave. This was originally painted in watercolor (not shown) – Below is the painting as well as a close up!

2006, acrylic, glitter glue on canvas

I can’t wait to get Doreen Virtue’s book, “Constant Craving from A-Z” that I’ve ordered. Curious to find out why I crave certain foods and if I can figure out my emotional triggers are so I can watch what I stuff in my mouth.

In the mean time, I’m being gentle to myself! Making art is a good way to honor the body – using my MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

Magic Basil Bath

Last night, I came home after a long day of taking care of lots of tasks – – the temperature was starting to get a little hotter. Riding a bike up 8th Ave into the Garment District and then back down to Chelsea didn’t make me smell very good. I felt good though! I was taking action – – and we all know the law of attraction rules AFFIRMATIONS – ACTIONS – MIRACLES (or really good shit happening!) When one takes ACTION – one must be kind to the body – the mind and the spirit.

So – – when I finally got home, I needed to wash the smell of the city off my body. I began to fill my bath and remembered what my good friend Veronique Marchal of And…Action mentioned (its good to share info!!) … witches would take baths with basil. AHHH>>>>>> this is why I am growing the most amazing garden this summer – filled with HERBS. So is this summer not only the Summer of Sangria – its the summer of Magic Passion Love baths! …. and more !

Relax & Enjoy your MAGIC BASIL BATH!

A large sprig of basil – as much as you want
approx 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or your preferred carrier oil)

While you are filling the bath tub at any temperature that feels just right for you …pour in and stir olive oil with your hand. You want a little bit of oil on your hands. Take your stems of BASIL and take off each leaf. Squish it in your hands so it’s all gooey – put your hand under the running water and let the water flow over your hand and the basil. It will start to smell. Drop the basil leaf in the water. Take each leaf and repeat this – until all the leaves are floating in the water.

While your squishing and letting the water flow the basil in your hands – this is a good time to quiet the mind and just allow your nose to smell the basil. Feel it …as it’s filling up the entire room with the power to aid and strengthen love. – – -then this is the best part. Once the water is full, and you get yourself comfortable, grab a handful of leaves and rub them all over your body!

You can’t even imagine how your body is going to react – it’s amazing and then …when you get out.Smell your skin!

Basil – a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and fire is its element.

Basil is best known for its properties to aid and strengthen love. Although known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for basil. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

excerpted from Spirit Quill

To find out more ways to use BASIL – Essential Herb Garden

there is nothing a hot bath can’t cure.” sylvia plath

GOOD PEOPLE R Important!

As my gift to myself to get into the habit of blogging every day, I am going to give a tribute to someone who was very important person in allowing me to accept MY POWERS!

Met her at a dead end crappy ass job, didn’t get too involved with anyone except the very attractive Spanish man who I invited to my house for champagne and had no sex with even though there was chemistry. This was during the period where I wasn’t looking to engage in sexual relations because I was dealing with my relationship with MONEY!

During this dead end crappy ass job working for a sexist asshole – I constantly repeated “I attract high paying job that allows me to shine!” …low and behold… I was offered a job at for the 1994 ProChoice March in DC ….yeah! Fast forward a few months, this lovely woman who I had met at that dead end crappy ass job was quitting it as well and as she ended that part of her life – OUR LIVES TOGETHER BEGAN!

She is very important to me – she invited me to Spain for my first European adventure. She & I will be forever connected because I love her MAGIC PASSION LOVE energy source!

Juhi …is one fucking cool woman!

It’s quite interesting at certain times in my life … at the challenging or scary risk taking times …my body reacts in so many ways, lower back pain, twinges in my ankles, headaches and yes a rash on my ass!

Do I really need a pain in my butt to make me realize that I’m making something out of nothing??!!

Relax – Enjoy – – – all of the moments in life.

or as the FCW Louise Hay says … when you have a RASH “I love and approve of myself. I am at peace with the process of life.” For those who don’t know the ideas of Louise Hay and Hay House Publications – check it out! Change your thoughts, Change your life. It’s crazy yet oh so true!

Chakra Cleansing

Our energies are controlled by so many inside and outside forces … when I start to feel blah, yuck, just really low … all I can do is just allow my body/mind/spirit just relax to chill the fuck out! I am VERY Grateful that I have the life that allows this … and I’m very GRATEFUL that I created this life!

It’s so important to be PROUD of Oneself!

This morning I cleared my CHAKRAS with my pendulum – interestingly enough … My Red , Orange , Yellow Chakras were either closed or near closed … THANKFULLY …my HEART (green ) Chakra was WIDE OPEN … which makes me feel even more love. My Blue , Purple were also open – not as much as the heart and my White Light … it’s active – it’s calling me. It’s important for me to connect my Body (lower chakras/strength-sexuality-power) to my Mind(upper chakras/thought-voice-clarity) thru my SPIRIT – heart/love.

We are experiencing something pretty intense right now – I feel it. I’m excited.

A- accepting/allowing
R – relax
E – enjoy

I am!