Chakra Cleansing

Our energies are controlled by so many inside and outside forces … when I start to feel blah, yuck, just really low … all I can do is just allow my body/mind/spirit just relax to chill the fuck out! I am VERY Grateful that I have the life that allows this … and I’m very GRATEFUL that I created this life!

It’s so important to be PROUD of Oneself!

This morning I cleared my CHAKRAS with my pendulum – interestingly enough … My Red , Orange , Yellow Chakras were either closed or near closed … THANKFULLY …my HEART (green ) Chakra was WIDE OPEN … which makes me feel even more love. My Blue , Purple were also open – not as much as the heart and my White Light … it’s active – it’s calling me. It’s important for me to connect my Body (lower chakras/strength-sexuality-power) to my Mind(upper chakras/thought-voice-clarity) thru my SPIRIT – heart/love.

We are experiencing something pretty intense right now – I feel it. I’m excited.

A- accepting/allowing
R – relax
E – enjoy

I am!


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