GOOD PEOPLE R Important!

As my gift to myself to get into the habit of blogging every day, I am going to give a tribute to someone who was very important person in allowing me to accept MY POWERS!

Met her at a dead end crappy ass job, didn’t get too involved with anyone except the very attractive Spanish man who I invited to my house for champagne and had no sex with even though there was chemistry. This was during the period where I wasn’t looking to engage in sexual relations because I was dealing with my relationship with MONEY!

During this dead end crappy ass job working for a sexist asshole – I constantly repeated “I attract high paying job that allows me to shine!” …low and behold… I was offered a job at for the 1994 ProChoice March in DC ….yeah! Fast forward a few months, this lovely woman who I had met at that dead end crappy ass job was quitting it as well and as she ended that part of her life – OUR LIVES TOGETHER BEGAN!

She is very important to me – she invited me to Spain for my first European adventure. She & I will be forever connected because I love her MAGIC PASSION LOVE energy source!

Juhi …is one fucking cool woman!


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