I Binge!

It sucks that when I go thru emotional/stressful shit – I turn to food to curb some uncomfortable feelings. To work thru this challenging habit – I decided to make art!

Here are the foods I seem to crave. This was originally painted in watercolor (not shown) – Below is the painting as well as a close up!

2006, acrylic, glitter glue on canvas

I can’t wait to get Doreen Virtue’s book, “Constant Craving from A-Z” that I’ve ordered. Curious to find out why I crave certain foods and if I can figure out my emotional triggers are so I can watch what I stuff in my mouth.

In the mean time, I’m being gentle to myself! Making art is a good way to honor the body – using my MAGIC PASSION LOVE!


One thought on “I Binge!

  1. My name is Colleen Schreyer and I am a graduate student in clinical psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. As part of my master’s thesis, I am struggling to collect data on individuals who have engaged in overeating. I am hoping to collect survey information from large groups of people to provide a more accurate picture of overeating and how it affects individuals differently. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes, and all participants are entered in a drawing to win an Apple Ipod. Any information collected would remain confidential and participants may be assured that I will maintain their anonymity. Email addresses will be collected only to enter participants in the drawing (optional) and will not be associated or linked with the survey responses. I currently have approval from my university’s institutional review board to collect data and could provide a copy of this approval to you.
    The link to the survey is below this message. Please take a look, and hopefully you will be willing to answer the questions. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, or concerns, please email me, colleen2@umbc.edu.



    Colleen Schreyer
    Graduate Student
    UMBC- Psychology Department

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