Women BLEED!

It’s a fact … I think it’s what bonds women most of all and what really could bond …is to remember women KNOW your pain! At some point in our lives, women experience cramps during the time they have their “monthly friend!” As i am experiencing right now – the knawing rub against my inner stomach creates a low ache that rolls around the lower chakras. I embrace the pain because it only lasts for a few first hours of my bleeding.

Next time your in public when you start some menstrual pains – look at the women near you – KNOW THEY KNOW YOUR PAIN … breathe, feel your pain and allow the other women’s energy be there with your pain …your not alone. Just sitting here thinking this – knowing right now I’m connected with the women energy of the world and my little pain in my stomach has just been zipped and shared thus … eliminating it because spread across the power of women – it feels good.

Enjoy all of the moments … even the bloody painful ones.

One way i’ve discovered to really enjoy my period is by using the KEEPER

Simple to use, both The Moon Cup and The Keeper are innovative feminine hygiene products that are worn internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfortable, expensive, paper-based products. Economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive alternatives to other feminine hygiene products.

This is the second time I’m using it. It’s very easy and it’s kinda cool to see your blood! Beware it is bloody – but it’s me! I think if you keep using it, you figure out how to use it best, duh! ~practice is key with anything~ Check it out … it took me about 4 years to finally buy one after reading it about it. I bought mine at the Great bookstore in NYC on Allen St & Rivington – BLUE STOCKINGS


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