Interesting way to look at ABC’s

The Alphabet to Reconnect You to Your Personal Power

Reconnecting to our source, the center of your power is a lifelong process and commitment for all of us. It is as simple as knowing your ABC’s to be a master or mistress in life.

A is for Awareness. All change and all growth begins with raising your level of awareness, paying more attention and sharpening your senses.

B is for Being Present. Learning or better yet, re-learning to live in the moment and listening to your inner voice is what all masters do on a daily basis.

C is for Compassion. It is a blessing to have compassion and empathy for others and demonstrate loving kindness in all circumstances.

D is for Discipline. Discipline is temporarily putting off short term satisfaction for long term satisfaction and all successful and healthy people are disciplined to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether they like it or not.

E is for Enthusiasm. Joy, passion and enthusiasm are all infectious and necessary to live life fully. It is so important to be enthusiastic in everything we do each and every day.

F is for Fun. The formula is to work hard so you can play hard, and then to play hard so that you look forward to working hard. Schedule fun into your life every single day from now on and watch your energy skyrocket.

G is for Grace. It is essential to be grateful 98% of the time and in the 2% where that may seem impossible; then be graceful. Grace occurs naturally when you let your radiant light shine from within.

H is for Hope. Be optimistic and hopeful as we tend to get from life what we expect to get from life. Always offer others hope as that will become their North Star and beacon of light.

I is for Imagination. Listening to your inner voice and allowing your creativity and innovation to come out and play is possible for everyone. Observe a child and their fully engaged imagination and reconnect with yours.

J is for Joy. Do the things and spend time with the people that give you joy. Success, happiness and health occur when you get and give joy everyday. Let your face and physiology tell the world how joyful you are right now.

K is for Kindness. Be generous, have good manners, encourage others, see the world through the eyes of kindness and I promise magic will occur.

L is for Laughter. I am convinced that three minutes of belly laughter every day can cure anything. Laugh like a child, like no one is watching and help others do the same and you will reconnect to all that is perfect inside you.

M is for Master. Focus on excelling at your personal and life mastery. Learn, study, and do whatever it takes to achieve mastery in all dimensions of your life.

N is for News. It is such an easy and predictable growth strategy to read and then this alphabet each and every week and then to share it with others. Share the good News, and spread what is right with the world with others.

O is for One. You and your innate wisdom are a majority. There is a power of one and you will benefit from that when you decide each day to spend some time alone and in introspection. You can do that in so many ways like in prayer or in meditation which is what all masters do.

P is for Peace. I am peace is a great affirmation and being peaceful is a terrific way to live your life. Feel the powerful vibration in the word when you say it out loud. Peace is perfect and so are you.

Q is for Questioning. Become more Socratic in your life and realize that we make our lives better by asking better questions. Ask more questions and help to pull the secrets of the universe out of yourself and others.

R is for Reverence. What are the things that you currently have reverence for and what can you add to that special list? Reverence is defined as radical respect; how wonderful is it to have a life full of reverence.

S is for Strength. You have an abundance of terrific strengths and it is essential that you accentuate them and utilize them to fulfill your purpose. Make a thorough list and keep adding to it so you can become more attractive.

T is for Team. No one can go it alone and transform the world, no one is an island. The most successful people have a powerful and passionate team around them that support and nurture them. Part of our life’s mission is to grow and expand our team.

U is for Unity. A community comes from a common-unity, a common purpose and creating unity is part of your life’s work. Strengthen the unity in your family, in your work environment and with yourself.

V is for Vision. Without a vision the people perish. What is your vision and is it expanding, becoming clearer, helping others and shared with others regularly? Leaders always have a bigger vision.

W is for Wonder. Become far more curious, recognize the perfection in life, the little things that create magical moments and the love that others have for you. Like you did as a child, have an intense wonder for the world and you will be rewarded.

X is for Xcitement. Rejoice in the excitement already within your life and focus daily on creating more eXcitement as this is what gives us the endorphin rush that fuels us to greatness.

Y is for Yes. It is so important to say yes to life, to say yes to growth and to say yes to prosperity. Whenever opportunities arise, make it a habit to say yes to them.

Z is for Zeal. Decide to have a true zest for life and for everything you do each and every day. Allow that zeal to come from above, down and from inside out so that everyone in your presence feels it and benefits from it.

Put this powerful and practical alphabet into action and into your daily life. Adopt the ABC’s of personal power and extraordinary growth. Make these your new habits and by doing so ensure that this will be your magical year and the year you fully arrive. Connect with your true self and with all others.
This alphabet has enriched my life and it will enrich yours as well.
From Dr. Arnold Angrist, New York, NY


When I walk up 6th Avenue from 14th St to 23rd St in between the Chase Banks, Starbucks, Modell Sports, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cosi, Chipolte, Staples, Filene’s Basement – … AM IN IN MALL!?!

It sure as hell feels like it these days … urgh – but I don’t want to feel bad … it’s about accessing the Magic Passion Love in life – – – but how do you do this amongst all of this crappy ass shit that’s happening and we have so little control to stop it …

look for signs!

For months – I would see signs on the phone booths – with interesting, inspiring words and faces with the words “Pass it On” and this website

Finally I went to it … and it makes you realize amongst all of the crappy ass shit – there is good shit too even if its really weird. It’s going to take all different kinds of sign posts for people to figure out peace & love. Not everyone sees things the same way.

It’s key to co-exist peacefully and concentrate on the better life for you and everyone!

World peace – is it possibly ? Who the fuck knows … however, if more of us found inner peace …gee …wonder what would happen.

I’m curious – are you?