When I walk up 6th Avenue from 14th St to 23rd St in between the Chase Banks, Starbucks, Modell Sports, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cosi, Chipolte, Staples, Filene’s Basement – … AM IN IN MALL!?!

It sure as hell feels like it these days … urgh – but I don’t want to feel bad … it’s about accessing the Magic Passion Love in life – – – but how do you do this amongst all of this crappy ass shit that’s happening and we have so little control to stop it …

look for signs!

For months – I would see signs on the phone booths – with interesting, inspiring words and faces with the words “Pass it On” and this website

Finally I went to it … and it makes you realize amongst all of the crappy ass shit – there is good shit too even if its really weird. It’s going to take all different kinds of sign posts for people to figure out peace & love. Not everyone sees things the same way.

It’s key to co-exist peacefully and concentrate on the better life for you and everyone!

World peace – is it possibly ? Who the fuck knows … however, if more of us found inner peace …gee …wonder what would happen.

I’m curious – are you?

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