MPL & The Next President

Barack Obama!

There are Democratic Party National Convention vibes going on because I can FEEL them. That’s right – FEEL what those people in Denver are vibrating off their auras because I’ve been drawn to watch You Tube videos about Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. This happened yesterday when she was giving a speech.

I had NO Idea that Michelle Obama was going to speak last night. I knew the Convention was happening but hadn’t read anything about what was going to happen.

Except the part about the Artists 🙂 It is all about making Art and saving the WORLD after all! 🙂

While Michelle was speaking last night in Denver – USING her MAGIC PASSION LOVE & feeling good… She also SHARED her MAGIC PASSION LOVE … WOW happened!

When WOW happens – little beams of MPL energy shoots into the air – into the UNIVERSE and collides with other positive energy beams that keep expanding and bouncing and colliding with ME! (or you!!)

Because I love the way using and sharing MPL feels – I allow myself to be open to feeling those random beams & bursts of MPL that come from someplace and I did last night.

And WOW … I was inspired to go online and watch videos with people who talk about
1. Not making fear based decisions
2. Recognizing challenging times & offering people opportunities to be responsible
3. New ideas to take action for change

People who want to transform this United States of America to a country that cares enough about itself to honor & respect its citizens and the world they live in.

Inspiring shit – those Magic Passion Love political speeches!

I have no doubt who will be our Next President. That’s why I’m calling him, “PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA!” state it – make it happen!

Watch his videos on the Barack Obama/Change WE (ME) can Believe In

… it’s so refreshing to hear the words of a 21st Century Thinker and his team.

This is proof that it is GOING TO BE GREAT in “08”!

It’s so possible … it really is!

Magic Passion Love AND…ACTION!

Let’s connect the dots between MPL & Action for Human Rights!

“AND…ACTION! is a community – By the people, for the people. AND… ACTION! offers a simple on and off-line social, non-partisan hub to address 21st century issues including but not limited to: education, healthcare, human rights, foreign policy issues, and the environment.”
– AND…ACTION!, a social marketing & communications agency

On August 30, 2008, I attended the “HUMAN RIGHTS VILLAGE”, the kick off event for the 61th Annual UN/NGOs Conference “Reaffirming Human Rights for All: The Universal Declaration at 60”.

In honor of the 61st Annual UN NGO Conference Reaffirming Human Rights for All: The Universal Declaration at 60,” that took place at UNESCO Headquarters, September 3-5, 2008. This Human Rights Village serves the purpose of inviting the public to engage with the same challenges and opportunities for human rights that will be addressed at the Conference later in the week.

I will be presenting my ideas of Magic Passion Love and assisting “AND…ACTION!“, a social marketing & communications agency partner of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee.

My intention is to share my ideas to inspire, encourage and discover the MPL within ourselves to create inner peace – thus perhaps creating WORLD PEACE!

Sailing over Central Park

The following videos were shot around 7am over the trees of Central Park. Voices are myself and the three others I shared the basket with. Very Peaceful up there … I look forward to returning to the skies.

I love where the video stops … this is what it looked like looking down from the balloon! Groovy, huh!

For Immediate Release!!

Fire MPL

Fire Energy MPL, acrylic, 2007


Exhibition: MAGIC PASSION LOVE: Paintings by Joanne Morton
4 September – 2 November 2008
At: Lolita bar, 266 Broome Street, @ Allen Street, NY 10002/Tel. 212.966.7223/

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, 11 September, 6:00 -9:00 pm.
Business Hours: Seven days a week, 5 pm to close or by appointment call: 212.228.2946

Trickydame Productions, in collaboration with Lolita bar, is excited to present MAGIC PASSION LOVE: Paintings by Joanne Morton. Ms. Morton paints to express the Magic Passion Love* that she explores within herself and seeks to share with the world. Her paintings are characterized by exploding color and movement that engage and inspire the viewer to find their own Magic Passion Love (MPL) within themselves.

Lolita bar and Trickydame Productions invite you to join Ms. Morton on September 11th, 2008 to kick off her world debut solo exhibition in New York City. Ms. Morton chose September 11th deliberately as a celebration of life, with the desire to help empower our grand city to heal and reach out to the world to connect in Peace Understanding Engagement.

“Magic Passion Love is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us.
When used, Life feels Good…when shared, Wow! “

About Joanne Morton
Joanne Morton is a multi-media artist/designer who uses words, images and performance to create & promote Magic Passion Love. Morton is also founder of Trickydame Productions, merging her creative and spiritual passions with inspirational and fun products. She has lived in New York City for 14 years in the same apartment on the Lower East Side and has established her artist’s studio in the heart of old Chinatown on Doyer Street. Joanne is also available for commissioned paintings. To learn more about Joanne and her mission please visit

About Lolita bar
Lolita bar has been supporting emerging artists through providing exhibition space for eight of their nine years of establishment. Lolita combines exhibition space within their venue to generate an atmosphere for patrons that encourages appreciation for art and open discourse about creative expression. Lolita also hosts many special events including live music, readings, and private parties in their cozy eclectic lounge decor and private meeting room in the basement area.

Lolita bar
266 Broome Street, between Allen and Orchard, New York, NY 10002 • 212.966.7223
Hours: Seven days a week, 5 pm – 4 am

MPL & Affordable Housing!!

Westbrook Tenants Press Conference: Wed, 8/20 @ 1pm
Westbrook tenants (including myself) spoke out to Starrett City decision makers involved with sale of Starrett City: Do not let affordable housing take a backseat to developer’s desire for huge profits!

We gathered in front of this Westbrook Partners owned building to heard from Westbrook tenants and local politicians on the issue of Westbrook’s ownership hear in the East Village and destructiveness of Predatory Equity.

Here is my statement:

My name is Joanne Morton and I’ve lived at 500 East 11 St for 14 years… it’s been my only home since I’ve lived in NYC. With my first landlord, I had little interaction the owners of the building except for the occasional normal repairs – however, since Westbrook Partners bought this building, I have witnessed a dramatic change in services for the worse. First, the lack of hot water has been an ongoing issue for the past year including this past weekend, from Friday night until 11pm on Sunday. This wasn’t the first time, we have made several calls to PVE Management as well the super. Because there is rarely a return call – we are also calling 311. Last November, for at least 15 days, our building had no hot water or HEAT! I spoke to Josh from Management office the day before Thanksgiving to find out what is going to happen over the holiday weekend and would we be with out heat? His response to me was, “Buy a space heater.” I made a reference about having a larger electric bill, he said, “You’re not paying very much rent, you can afford a higher electric bill.” This is only one example of Westbrook Partners lack of LANDLORD responsibility towards their tenants. After not having heat for the days in November 2007, We were forced to take Westbrook to housing court and file an HP Action against them in December 2007 for Heat and Hot water which we won do to the inconsistencies of this essential service. Because of this appearance in court, they repaired a broken window and floor panels near two radiators in my apt. They however took over 6 months to repair that front door buzzer that took only 15 minutes to repair. Whenever myself or my neighbors call the Management office and 311, we are accused of being “problem tenants”. I don’t think asking for services such as, hot water, heat & working buzzers qualify us to be problem tenants. Westbrook Partners are not interested in creating safe homes for New Yorkers, instead, they are looking to cash in at the expense of local communities. This is why I don’t feel that Westbrook Partners should be allowed to purchase any housing that is a part of ‘affordable housing” programs. One final note, in the last ten months, 13 out of the 25 apartments have been evicted, denied rent renewals and/or pressured to leave. I know there are other stories but some of the tenants are nervous to speak out publicly because they are waiting for their lease renewals. So I speak not only for myself but for all of my neighbors here at 500 East & in the other Westbrook Partner buildings. I’m not leaving my home … it was my dream to come here and I intend to live that dream at for as long as I chose to!

Thank you!

Magic Passion Love and SPEAKING OUT … it feels good to be an “active” part of the East Village community. I am grateful for my neighbors.

“We’ve had no heat or hot water off and on continuously,” said Joanne Morton, a tenant in one of the buildings…

quote from NY Times article


Daily News

New York Times

Curbed (blog)
The Villager #1
The Villager #2

Special thanks to the writers & editors who worked on these stories … it’s important for the press to stay focused and free! Magic Passion Love & Free Press!

summer nights

It’s another Hot & Steamy day … LOVE IT!

Got to keep the THOUGHTS really PRESENT to the RIGHT NOW!

Not allowing the Ego to thing your are CRAZY to live your life the way you choose to live!

You are OK! YES, I am OK! I am what I am … I am being 100% honest about what “matters” to me.

Magic Passion Love …

It is SAFE for me to be – I am Protected.

Cosmic Power – –

Everyday life can be challenging – it’s how we use the Energy created thru these experiences that allow us to go thru life…

with or with out

you are not alone!

Once I figured this out the balance between my Solitary Time vs Quality Shared Time …I began to discover more power from with in. This is a reason why I can share my work now… It feels good.

When I feel good – I can use my my skills & talents to be a good citizen, achieve personal goals and generate more positive energy into the world – thus allowing others to feel good in life and add their OWN energy into the mix!

It’s about accessing the Cosmic POWER of Magic Passion Love … even on the challenging days!

It’s possible!

It’s our Life …let’s relax & enjoy.

dreams & dolls

Most little kids play with dolls … its an opportunity to act out how we want to be when we grow up.

Then when you go up – do you act how you played you would be when you were little?

It’s an important question and even more important act to do –
REMEMBER how you used to PLAY!

There are so many ways to play and exploring the ways – – -allows you to discover your MAGIC PASSION LOVE – your energy source – when used, life feels good and when shared – WOW!!

One friend of mine who is a FCW Society member, was going thru a patch of not enjoying her life so much – just wasn’t feeling so good. So… a few of us were talking one night and someone suggested, “Let’s take a burlesque dance class!” and someone else suggested, “Let’s hire a dance teacher to teach us a PRIVATE class.”

Within the next few days, we had found our teacher, Jo Boobs and a space to hold the class. We had 2 classes and by the end of the first class, my friend was very excited about what she had discovered. The next thing she knew, she was entered in a amateur Burlesque contest in Williamsburg. We trudge out there from Manhattan at 11pm (I am one of those manhattanites !) because we wanted to support our friend and it was awesome – SHE WON.

Now … 3 years later, she hosts a weekly burlesque show KITTY NIGHTS on the coolest corner in the East Village. She is Fem Appeal – a woman who uses and shares MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

Here is Fem Appeal with Tom the 21st century doll, who I share with her whenever she wants to perform with him!