MPL & The Next President

Barack Obama!

There are Democratic Party National Convention vibes going on because I can FEEL them. That’s right – FEEL what those people in Denver are vibrating off their auras because I’ve been drawn to watch You Tube videos about Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. This happened yesterday when she was giving a speech.

I had NO Idea that Michelle Obama was going to speak last night. I knew the Convention was happening but hadn’t read anything about what was going to happen.

Except the part about the Artists 🙂 It is all about making Art and saving the WORLD after all! 🙂

While Michelle was speaking last night in Denver – USING her MAGIC PASSION LOVE & feeling good… She also SHARED her MAGIC PASSION LOVE … WOW happened!

When WOW happens – little beams of MPL energy shoots into the air – into the UNIVERSE and collides with other positive energy beams that keep expanding and bouncing and colliding with ME! (or you!!)

Because I love the way using and sharing MPL feels – I allow myself to be open to feeling those random beams & bursts of MPL that come from someplace and I did last night.

And WOW … I was inspired to go online and watch videos with people who talk about
1. Not making fear based decisions
2. Recognizing challenging times & offering people opportunities to be responsible
3. New ideas to take action for change

People who want to transform this United States of America to a country that cares enough about itself to honor & respect its citizens and the world they live in.

Inspiring shit – those Magic Passion Love political speeches!

I have no doubt who will be our Next President. That’s why I’m calling him, “PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA!” state it – make it happen!

Watch his videos on the Barack Obama/Change WE (ME) can Believe In

… it’s so refreshing to hear the words of a 21st Century Thinker and his team.

This is proof that it is GOING TO BE GREAT in “08”!

It’s so possible … it really is!


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