It’s going to be Great in “08”!

Obama for President …

Today I had the opportunity to meet other US citizens who are just as excited and feel just as good as I do about this current election!

Sure there is a lot of crap out there that we have to deal with – the news, the gossip, the choice for vice president however, one of my ideas is … We got to look past at the crap ass bs and find ways to ENJOY our lives thus creating more positive energy thus allowing YOUR Magic Passion Love to shine which means you feel good and when you shared – WOW!

So that’s what happened today when I went to Philadelphia with a group of New Yorkers including a friend on a BOLT BUS to help register voters in North Philadelphia.
I found out about this thru an old neighbor and he was Sharing his excitement about his upcoming trip to PA to help Obama and then a few days later, a Facebook message confirmed he was so happy he did it and was planning on doing it again if possible.

It was because he shared his experience that reminded me that I wanted to find the time to do this so I began to some research – take a little action to find out who to contact – it’s quite easy … go to BROOKLYN for OBAMA
What was going to happen? Would we be able to leave earlier than the others? Where would be? Who would be talking to? How ?

Releasing the need to know the outcome – we focused on taking action on what we wanted to do that would make us feel good about this UPCOMING ELECTION… let’s ENJOY the fact we have an election – – take action to create the OUTCOME we wish to create – President-Elect Obama!!

So for a few hours we shared info and ideas with so many others who are voting for Obama, getting their friends/family to vote and registering to vote! Including the bartender who served us our lunch!

It was so easy to do this because this felt good in our souls to campaign for Barack Obama … and its an opportunity to connect ot other people who feel the same way. It’s the organizing of communities to take back our country – our power! It’s time!!

The revolution has begun … it truly has!!

photos by Erin Alls!


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