images-1I no longer want to FEED my feelings … I FEEL my LIFE & FEELINGS as it comes to me …

this means

I need to feel the rushes of energy that surge thru my stomach when I begin to think of all of the possibilities that are becoming a reality

I need to feel the strain on my brain that wants to eat something cheesy, sweet or crunchy because that’s what I do when I begin to wonder WHAT IF and so many of the WHAT IFs these days are WHAT IS

I need to feel the energy that comes with eating differently and enjoying how good it feels to be responsible for my body because it deserves respect

I need to feel loss of judgment I no longer wish to pass on my body or my eating habits

I need to create the life I want on my own terms … and the really cool thing I am! And I’m still hungry as I type this however, I also know I need to FEEL DISCOMFORT in the beginning of any release … the discomfort will pass and I will feel good.

I need to let go of the Need and allow myself to have … all in good time.


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