The Art show is over …the REVOLUTION CONTINUES!

Magic Passion Love
Paintings by Joanne Morton

The Revolution has Begun…Trickydame Style

4 September – 2 November, 2008
Lolita bar
266 Broome Street, at Allen Street

Sunday, October 26 7pm – 10pm

Special Musical Guests: (music begins around 8pm)

Lizzy Bowman and

Ash Gray


Opening Reception: 11 September, 2008
Photos by Lee Ann Monat

MPL Art Show

MPL Available in Stores!

Wednesday, November 5 – two cool things happened … one, the USA had a new president elect, a positive change president.

And the second cool thing, Trickydame Productions has the first store selling the Magic Passion Love Art Cards (formerly flashcards) and the Trickydame Art Business Card Cases!

These items are available at Sedona Handmade and imported Jewelry, Handbags and Gift Baskets

Address – 320 Washington St,
Hoboken, New Jersey
(201) 314-0799

Sedona owner, Daisy and daughter … Magic Passion Love & new partnerships!



I’m so happy for all of the WORLD that the USA elected Barak Obama the 44th President of the USA! I knew he would be elected because I feel the shift in the energy … we’re moving into the direction of positive energy!

One thing I’ve always said and felt is the more of us who take action to create positive energy – talk about positive things – share positive attitudes – this creates MORE POSITIVE ENERGY IN THE WORLD! Just the mere fact that I’m writing about Positive Change and YOU are reading about this and thus thinking about this – WE ARE PUTTING OUT POSITIVE ENERGY INTO THE UNIVERSE!!

It’s all about sharing the MAGIC PASSION LOVE in YOU! When you share it WOW! Look what happened on TUESDAY, NOV 4 – people around the USA were chanting – YES WE CAN!!

It’s our time to take responsibility for our own futures … and I have the confidence that is going to be just FINE in “09”!

Thank you for all of those who voted for Obama!!