I’m so happy for all of the WORLD that the USA elected Barak Obama the 44th President of the USA! I knew he would be elected because I feel the shift in the energy … we’re moving into the direction of positive energy!

One thing I’ve always said and felt is the more of us who take action to create positive energy – talk about positive things – share positive attitudes – this creates MORE POSITIVE ENERGY IN THE WORLD! Just the mere fact that I’m writing about Positive Change and YOU are reading about this and thus thinking about this – WE ARE PUTTING OUT POSITIVE ENERGY INTO THE UNIVERSE!!

It’s all about sharing the MAGIC PASSION LOVE in YOU! When you share it WOW! Look what happened on TUESDAY, NOV 4 – people around the USA were chanting – YES WE CAN!!

It’s our time to take responsibility for our own futures … and I have the confidence that is going to be just FINE in “09”!

Thank you for all of those who voted for Obama!!


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