end of the year … MADNESS!?

Is this what is happening … that end of the year “madness” … all of those people shopping because they feel like they should…all of those companies trying to raise the bottom line figures…all of those families making plans to spend time together…all of those songs playing over and over again…all of those parties where you drink too much and eat fatty food…all of those lonely feelings because you don’t have that “hallmark” holiday planned…all of the wonderful feelings of accomplishment since the 2008 began!

It’s so easy to think about the crap that doesn’t make you feel good and I find it easier at night time … when you’re energy is a little lower because you’ve spent a day among the humans. When you get to your home … the safe space you’ve created to allow balance to flow thru your living space…sometimes it’s tricky to not fall in to the “eat dinner, watch tv, go to sleep” routine … JUST DOESN”T MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!

It’s about living a life that makes you feel good … and when you honor your self and others, that’s all you really need to do to feel good – just need to LOVE!

Those crappy ass thoughts about stuff that can be fearful just slows you down – – stop them by not giving them attention!!
STOP them by not fighting them. STOP them by saying … MAGIC PASSION LOVE! crazy ass thoughts have no power with CRAZY ASS MPL! Nope …

things are changing … good time to be alive… feel – live – allow.


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