Trust yur instincts!

This morning, just as I walked out of my apt building, I saw a bus just left busstop…I instantly said, FUCK!. However, after taking a moment to breath – – 30m23span

My instinct said another bus will b by soon. No need 2 chase the bus to 14 st or walk to other busstop… “I have really good bus luck!”

So I stood @ my busstop on my street, the one where I enjoy watching life along Avenue A

Later after 2 songs played on my ipod and a bus arrived.

Buses come easily to me as does money! It’s all the same thing – anything you desire to come to is possible when you align your energy to its source.

Allow Feel Live yur Life! Magic Passion Love & TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!

It feels good!

Magic Passion Love & a NEW PREZ!

In NYC & around the world – many people (including ME!) celebrated the swearing in of President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the USA! It feels GOOD to know someone who is interested in PEACE as a way of life.

This is a photo my friend Veronique snapped on her I-phone, this was written on the wipe board at the 23rd St “1” Subway stop in NYC ….

then LIVE from the Mall in DC – taken by my sister Jennifer’s I-phone:

From my international clients:
Australia: I am very excited about New York and the Inaugeration has been on our TV’s here since 3am this morning and when i saw him getting sworn in I had a tear in my eye, Here is to the next positive phase in Americas history!!!!!

India: Congratulations on the new President, we are all very happy about it and were watching the ceremony warm and cosy in our home in New Delhi.