Believe in Super Heros…they exist!

Saturday night, 2/7/09, full moon — near Avenue A in the East Village, I met two SuperHeros!


The Tantra Warriors are Arjuna Ladino & Shanti Owen, two totally fucking cool people who are living the Magic Passion Love and sharing it too! Lots of WOW happened at their VALENTINE LOVIN’ Evening. The really nice group of men & women enjoyed sensual communication games and a Question & Answer session on Dating/Relationships/Sex/Love/Fun/Taboo and HOT LOVIN’ & LIVIN’!!

The Tantra Warriors are committed to
“Saving the planet from boring relationships!”

I highly encourage you to check them out if you are at all interested in Tantra, Sexuality,Peace, Good Karma, Positive Energy and Self-Love! More info just makes u more aware …and the more aware you are – the more you care!

Tantra Warriors say…

If you have entered our tantra lokah you are one of those sacred beings who has the courage to do battle with the forces of the ego and enter the sublime heart, where all truth, all bliss, all union resides. Whether you are dating, married, in a new relationship, divorcing, or celibate, we are all lovers. We all want to give love, receive love and expand our hearts; consciously or unconsciously.

TANTRA at its simple essence means to weave. There are 2 basic camps of tantra; white tantra and red tantra. White tantra is the journey into the weaving, the union with oneself. Red tantra is the journey of union with oneself while gazing at your mirror through a beloved other. The Tantra Warriors have extensive training in all forms of tantra and beyond.

We offer various chariots to enter the lokah of the heart including coaching sessions, stress relieving bodywork, workshops and our upcoming newsletter & comic book.

Our site is brand new and will grow and transform rapidly in the next few weeks. We welcome you to observe the changes and give us your valuable feed back. After all we, The Tantra Warriors, are here to serve you! In love, light and gratitude always,
Arjuna Ladino & Shanti Owen