another year older…wiser?

it’s my birthday day today … wow!

Look at my HOROSCOPE!

Here is your horoscope for
Friday, April 10:
You’re not in a great mood today, but you can tell that there’s a good reason for it. Just let things happen until the situation becomes clearer — it may take another day or so. Patience is welcome!

It’s exactly right … not in a bad mood – not in a WOHOO mood … just living in the gray which is a good place to be, actually. Lots of stuff shifting – Lots of stuff that feels like it’s not shifting – YET IT IS!! Everything is constantly shifting … one just needs to slow down to feel it … “easy does it

I find life just to be one amazing gift …seriously – it’s filled with twists and turns, ups and downs – pretty colors – good smells – tasty food – delicious drinks – feel good activity with other humans – as well as music, art, and water to swim in!! Look at all of this amazing stuff we are surrounded by and yet … we just get caught up in the emotional turmoil we create!

I believe our current social economic situations have been caused by emotional bullshit!

Power – Greed – what’s it good for?!

My belief is that there is enough for everyone to have enough … this is the belief I am sharing when I attract artists to join the MPL Project – we are creating an a 21st century alliance!

I’m not new age artist – I’m a 21st Century Artist
living in the NEW AGE!

interested in what’s this is all about … contact me!


One thought on “another year older…wiser?

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, been in between 3 places and just realized. Hope your doing well, I like your last post (10 principles). SO important to remain positive. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your dreams come true. xo Lauren

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