Sunday in April

As so many of you, I am working daily to Allow MY Magic – Feel MY Passion – Live MY Love … for when we allow, feel, live our true selves … it feels good! I prefer feeling good than than not 🙂

I remind myself every day of this …and I also give myself time to do this. There is a lot of talk about “Law of Attraction”, “Manifesting” and “Art of Allowing” when it comes to living your dream life – I am currently facing the same issues so many others are facing – where is the money coming from to pay my bills let alone pay for my projects! ? I woke up this morning with a little bit of panic because although I am taking action to make money, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

This is why I’m glad I have the three words (ALLOW, FEEL, LIVE) to guide me … they remind me to Live in the Present Moment- and in this present moment, right now – I AM OK! Feel the panic and let it pass – because what I do FEEL is the love that surrounds me with all of the Fans of MPL Project and the MPL Project Alliance that is forming… we are ALLOWING the creative process time to take form.

If we rush it to a point where it doesn’t feel good – then we are not understanding the ideas of Magic Passion Love – – the ideas of MPL is to live your life doing things that make YOU feel GOOD! Yes, there are things that are less enjoyable – however, if the effects of these actions make you feel good – then these actions can be viewed as feel good actions because of the effects.

I always say that it is a choice to enjoy or not enjoy something – if you aren’t enjoying something – then you have three things that can be changed – Situations * People * Attitude … it’s the Attitude that can be changed – always! It’s your choice!

So today I CHANGE MY ATTITUDE! I feel good that I’m cleaning apartments to make money. I feel good that I have an amazing apartment that I will have money on Monday to pay April rent. I feel good that I have a publicist, creative director, and jewelry designer helping me make The MPL Project into a profitable business that supports independent artists and inspires our clients. I feel good that I am living in a world that can be connected via FB & other online venues so we can SHARE POSITIVE IDEAS to one another.

We are NOT ALONE! We are here for one another! Reach out and be open to asking, giving and receiving Magic Passion Love!

The more you believe – the more you receive. and …. MPL is a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us so there is a lot out there to be SHARED … WOW, huh!?

So… on this note – progress not perfection (the wise words of Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore “Something Different”) – The MPL Project is now on Twitter (slowly twittering up to speed) and we have a new website – (will be soon!)

We have the talent – We have the time – let’s RELAX & ENJOY TODAY!

peace to you – –
Joanne (aka trickydame)


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