Celebrate July 4 by Declaring Independence from Negative Thinking!

New York, NY – July 1, 2009 – The MPL Project is proud to announce the Manifesting Mobile available for sale on line at www.manifestingmobile.com. The Manifesting Mobile Kit (Think: vision board that moves!) is a powerful, easy and creative hanging mobile kit to help you manifest anything you want in your life- a romantic relationship, a new job or career- whatever makes you Feel Good!

Same url – new design – www.magicpassionlove.me

The Manifesting Mobile was co-created by artists, Paula Brett & Joanne Morton, as one of their creative products for the MPL Project. Both women have been called Manifesting Practitioners because of their abilities to manifest things/people/opportunities in their lives. Each Manifesting Mobile kit includes string, supports and artwork by the artists. Using your own words & images on the blank side of the cut out mobile shapes, the opposite side has art work to foster creativity in everyone. Selected art for this First Edition is Paula Brett’s “Joined Energy” and “Between Energy” and Joanne Morton’s “Unseen Energy” and “Feel Energy”.

The Manifesting Mobile first appeared publicly at the Figment Art Festival on Governor’s Island (NYC) in June 2009. Over the course of the three day art event, the visitors were invited to add their dreams/wishes to the 6-13-2009 5-05-20 PMpublic art project. Almost 500 people participated and shared their beautiful, colorful, inspirational and humorous manifesting intentions. The MPL Project’s tent was over flowing with positive energy by the final hour.

The success of the Mass Manifesting Mobile strengthened our commitment to share the power of taking action to manifest by accessing your personal MPL. The Manifesting Mobile kit is an opportunity for people to say out loud and share what they want in their lives, whether a new job/career, romantic relationship or more time to enjoy their lives. All you need to complete your Manifesting Mobile is art supplies, an open mind to unlimited possibilities and a space to hang your Manifesting Mobile.

people say I’m positive…

I think one reason I stay positive is because every day I’m living my dream- living in NYC! It’s so key to make life interesting …and not get hung up on the bs. today it was raining, i feel a little crampy because of my period, a little curious on how money is going to be coming to me and allowing all of the feelings to pass through me. Knowing and TRUSTING that I am exactly where I need to be and I am safe! it is safe to feel safe … this is what I wish to give humans. I feel so much clarity about what I’m here to do thru my art … it’s that simple.

Enjoy what your mission is! What is your mission?! well… that’s part of the journey … and while you’re on the journey – do what feels good! how do you do this – – – ??

mpl logo 4 webAllow your magic!

feel YOUR passion!

Live your LOVE!!

it’s in you! xojo

FCW Weekend!!

Trickydame’s First Weekend in June Adventures

Woke up REALLY REALLY early 6:15AM to catch the 7:24AM Long Island Railroad to Northport, NY. I do wake up earlier these days but before 7:30 is early however, it was worth it because I was off to The Dreaming Tree!

sarkOnTour (one of my favorite authors who receives her gifts and shares them with the world!)

SARK shared with a group of 25 women her tricks & tools to live our Creative Dream Lives! It was a day of laughter, tears, songs, dancing and SUCCULENT WILD MOMENTS!!
SARK is promoting her new book: JPJP-cover-small4

I was so inspired by the day – I created a new FCW Project!!

FCW Society Photo of the Day Group on Flickr…FCW Society Photo of the DAY!

Every once in awhile, one will be chosen to be PHOTO of the DAY on our site FCW Society!

FCW are everywhere!
FCW R Everywhere!

THEN on SUNDAY … I went to a DANCE DANCE PARTY PARTY event … and danced with more FCW!

It was a lovely summer afternoon with an amazing breeze that kept the sun cool. On the bike ride over to Astor Place, I realized the importance of doing what makes you feel good!

I believe there is a way to DO EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that you need/want in a manner that makes you FEEL GOOD!

It’s easier to do this when YOU

Allow Your Magic
Feel Your Passion
Live Your Love

IMG_Intelligent Lights

Artist of the Day!

I am very grateful to be the ARTIST of the DAY – as you will see when you check out the site – there are LOTS of Artists sharing their gifts EVERY DAY!


Promoting exciting visual media from around the world


Spoon full of MPL Art…

Joanne Morton – New York (NY), United States
[Thursday, June 04, 2009 ]

As a painter, Joanne uses her abstract paintings to create business card holders and mobiles. In addition to her paintings, Joanne has produced her “Magic Passion Love” ART CARDS. Ten ideas to inspire, encourage and discover the MPL found within you. Each card has a positive thought on one side and the other side is copy of a painting. Each painting has a meaning that can be used as a tool to create MPL in your life!

Boyan – Joanne’s work is so free, energetic and unrestrained: a collection of bright, thick colours on unusual surfaces. It’s great and this idea of MPL is a great way to ignite some things within. Today is the launch of the MPL party in NYC so if you’re around, make sure you check it out.