Artist of the Day!

I am very grateful to be the ARTIST of the DAY – as you will see when you check out the site – there are LOTS of Artists sharing their gifts EVERY DAY!


Promoting exciting visual media from around the world


Spoon full of MPL Art…

Joanne Morton – New York (NY), United States
[Thursday, June 04, 2009 ]

As a painter, Joanne uses her abstract paintings to create business card holders and mobiles. In addition to her paintings, Joanne has produced her “Magic Passion Love” ART CARDS. Ten ideas to inspire, encourage and discover the MPL found within you. Each card has a positive thought on one side and the other side is copy of a painting. Each painting has a meaning that can be used as a tool to create MPL in your life!

Boyan – Joanne’s work is so free, energetic and unrestrained: a collection of bright, thick colours on unusual surfaces. It’s great and this idea of MPL is a great way to ignite some things within. Today is the launch of the MPL party in NYC so if you’re around, make sure you check it out.


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