FCW Weekend!!

Trickydame’s First Weekend in June Adventures

Woke up REALLY REALLY early 6:15AM to catch the 7:24AM Long Island Railroad to Northport, NY. I do wake up earlier these days but before 7:30 is early however, it was worth it because I was off to The Dreaming Tree!

sarkOnTour (one of my favorite authors who receives her gifts and shares them with the world!)

SARK shared with a group of 25 women her tricks & tools to live our Creative Dream Lives! It was a day of laughter, tears, songs, dancing and SUCCULENT WILD MOMENTS!!
SARK is promoting her new book: JPJP-cover-small4

I was so inspired by the day – I created a new FCW Project!!

FCW Society Photo of the Day Group on Flickr…FCW Society Photo of the DAY!

Every once in awhile, one will be chosen to be PHOTO of the DAY on our site FCW Society!

FCW are everywhere!
FCW R Everywhere!

THEN on SUNDAY … I went to a DANCE DANCE PARTY PARTY event … and danced with more FCW!

It was a lovely summer afternoon with an amazing breeze that kept the sun cool. On the bike ride over to Astor Place, I realized the importance of doing what makes you feel good!

I believe there is a way to DO EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that you need/want in a manner that makes you FEEL GOOD!

It’s easier to do this when YOU

Allow Your Magic
Feel Your Passion
Live Your Love

IMG_Intelligent Lights


One thought on “FCW Weekend!!

  1. We appreciate your support of SARK! Have you seen the launch of SARK’s fabulous new affiliate program called SARK SHARE (SHARE stands for SARK’s Happy Affiliate Revenue Earnings).

    Check it out here: http://www.planetsark.com/SARK_SHARE_Info.htm

    If you post an enthusiastic word about SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure in at least one online location between now and October 31, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to a LIVE Virtual Vacation with SARK: a telephone gathering on Thursday, November 4, in which SHARE Team Members will get to gather live with SARK to explore new adventures together! (The call will be recorded if you can’t attend live.)

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