people say I’m positive…

I think one reason I stay positive is because every day I’m living my dream- living in NYC! It’s so key to make life interesting …and not get hung up on the bs. today it was raining, i feel a little crampy because of my period, a little curious on how money is going to be coming to me and allowing all of the feelings to pass through me. Knowing and TRUSTING that I am exactly where I need to be and I am safe! it is safe to feel safe … this is what I wish to give humans. I feel so much clarity about what I’m here to do thru my art … it’s that simple.

Enjoy what your mission is! What is your mission?! well… that’s part of the journey … and while you’re on the journey – do what feels good! how do you do this – – – ??

mpl logo 4 webAllow your magic!

feel YOUR passion!

Live your LOVE!!

it’s in you! xojo


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