Magic Passion Love & ART BAZAAR

On Saturday, July 18 – I woke up at 4:20am … to head over to 20th St & 7 Avenue to participate in ART BAZAAR

Lyons Wier Gallery, in association with
Shoestrings & Dreams Productions ™ present the ART BAZAAR.

The ART BAZAAR an OPEN CALL to ALL ARTISTS on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning July 4th thru August 16th, who wish to display and sell their artwork at Lyons Wier Gallery.

I’m so glad I did! What an amazing day shared with other creative human beings who


By taking action today – we are part of the shifting consciousness that is happening around this planet — on the way home, on the M7 BUS … I had the same conversation that I had been having all day long – Positive thoughts create positive lives – Abundance for all – The universe provides … and the lady on the bus was not an artist – rather a working class woman on her way and it is so amazing how many people in different communities are waking up and being able to share these new way of seeing/feeling/being with their own communities and beyond!


Participating Artists July 18-19

Kwadwo Adae
Laura Baran
David Bender
Jordan Faye Block
Vanessa Boyd
Areta Buk
Bernadette Corcoran
Leslie Feldman
Asya Geisberg
Erica Harris
John Haro
Jan Huling
Michelle Kaufman
James Keul
Lisa Lamontanaro
Evan Levine
David Lyle
Christopher Lynch
Patricia Madonia
Eliot Markell
Joanne Morton
Irys Schenker
Yohei Watanabe


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