Trickydame’s Manifesting Mobile

mobileThis weekend, I had the opportunity to make one of the Freshly Printed MPL Manifesting Mobiles!

It feels so good to cut out words that inspire creativity – power – hope – faith for me to create the life I have! I enjoy the abundance that I create daily and trust that there will always be abundance for me and the ones I love.

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All you need are some markers, magazines, scissors and an open mind to accept the unlimited possibilities for you! Oh, you do need a place to hang it too!!

Here is my mobile including some close ups!

imagesthe angels are fluttering their wings all around me to remind me that they are there.
I listen to them… want to trust them – know that it is safe for to have faith in them … however, there is something blocking me…

release – release – release …

or is it

accept accept accept?!

It’s HOT!!!! Yes, it is!

Hey YOU…
images-1It’s August … in the city — – people underground and above ground grumble grumbling – “the heat! the heat! the heat!” …. why??

Do they not remember how fracking cold it gets in the winter … and don’t they enjoy feeling their bodies instead of being FROZEN from the chill of the north wind?

It gets hot – – its what it does and this summer has been amazing! I put my AC in on July 31! It’s the third week in August and it feels “really hot” for the first time – this is a summer to remember!

How are you enjoying all of this sweating and releasing of toxins?!

that’s what I keep thinking every time I’m hot … we are releasing a lot of BS which is probably why people feel like they’re going crazy in the heat … all of the feelings?! images

It’s those feelings that are making us crazy – we know that we need to change our thoughts and actions – some of us do … and we must continue even if it feels like others are not. It’s about us changing us… not me changing you – its me changing me.

patience is key.

magic passion love & PAUSE…

images This morning I awoke with the whole day ahead of me to plan (it’s so good to figure out your schedule the night before – time management is so key!) and I was FREAKING MYSELF OUT A BIT!

Wanting to maximize my time and energy efficiently was making me a little stressed – then I remembered…MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

this renewable sustainable energy source found with in me and if I USE IT … ME!! LIFE!!! RIGHT NOW!!! Feels Good! WOW!

What would make me feel good – a good cup of coffee and some warm food – however, DOING DISHES wasn’t going to make me feel good so … I got my ass dressed and went to a cafe down the street. I found a table over looking the green trees of Tompkins Square Parkimages-1.

My coffee was perfect – My everything bagel was yummy – My mind was able to pause … I took this time to write in my journal. I realized that writing is something I need to do often – as a way to RELEASE!

Just as eating healthy – going to the pool – sleeping – making art – laughing – meditating – being financially responsible – dancing is important to do – so is WRITING! when i ride my bike more, i write less cuz i write on the bus … however, BALANCE IS SO IMPORTANT!

Everything really does start making sense – another good reason to PAUSE – you get an opportunity to see the results to all of your work.

Afternoon Thought …

Right now …. as I am awakening my soul … purpleskyhundreds upon hundreds of other human beings including YOU are also awakening. Imagine what must be going on in the realms of this planet – positive energy beams must be just popping out all over!! Popping right back down into us – through us – and creating a lot of energy to be absorbed.

We must be gentle with ourselves at this time to give us time to process and receive all of this amazing new energy. As this new energy is introduced to us in our human bodies – the ego which wants to control the body will do whatever it can to keep its controlling interest in the design of our lives …. HOWEVER … it’s losing the power. We are becoming Warriors of the Spirit … more and more of us our arming ourselves with tools & allies to create a more peaceful and abundant planet for all.

So during this time where you might be wanting to cry, scream, pout, hit, give up … just pause. Take a deep breath – feel it?! Yes, you feel the positive energy beams … allow yourself to breathe it in and laugh, sing, dance …or cry scream hit pout …. but don’t GIVE UP! We’ve gotten this far … we can go farther. This is only making us stronger … let’s just be gentle with ourselves.

Relax & Enjoy … allow your magic – feel your passion – live your love.