Afternoon Thought …

Right now …. as I am awakening my soul … purpleskyhundreds upon hundreds of other human beings including YOU are also awakening. Imagine what must be going on in the realms of this planet – positive energy beams must be just popping out all over!! Popping right back down into us – through us – and creating a lot of energy to be absorbed.

We must be gentle with ourselves at this time to give us time to process and receive all of this amazing new energy. As this new energy is introduced to us in our human bodies – the ego which wants to control the body will do whatever it can to keep its controlling interest in the design of our lives …. HOWEVER … it’s losing the power. We are becoming Warriors of the Spirit … more and more of us our arming ourselves with tools & allies to create a more peaceful and abundant planet for all.

So during this time where you might be wanting to cry, scream, pout, hit, give up … just pause. Take a deep breath – feel it?! Yes, you feel the positive energy beams … allow yourself to breathe it in and laugh, sing, dance …or cry scream hit pout …. but don’t GIVE UP! We’ve gotten this far … we can go farther. This is only making us stronger … let’s just be gentle with ourselves.

Relax & Enjoy … allow your magic – feel your passion – live your love.


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