magic passion love & PAUSE…

images This morning I awoke with the whole day ahead of me to plan (it’s so good to figure out your schedule the night before – time management is so key!) and I was FREAKING MYSELF OUT A BIT!

Wanting to maximize my time and energy efficiently was making me a little stressed – then I remembered…MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

this renewable sustainable energy source found with in me and if I USE IT … ME!! LIFE!!! RIGHT NOW!!! Feels Good! WOW!

What would make me feel good – a good cup of coffee and some warm food – however, DOING DISHES wasn’t going to make me feel good so … I got my ass dressed and went to a cafe down the street. I found a table over looking the green trees of Tompkins Square Parkimages-1.

My coffee was perfect – My everything bagel was yummy – My mind was able to pause … I took this time to write in my journal. I realized that writing is something I need to do often – as a way to RELEASE!

Just as eating healthy – going to the pool – sleeping – making art – laughing – meditating – being financially responsible – dancing is important to do – so is WRITING! when i ride my bike more, i write less cuz i write on the bus … however, BALANCE IS SO IMPORTANT!

Everything really does start making sense – another good reason to PAUSE – you get an opportunity to see the results to all of your work.


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