It’s HOT!!!! Yes, it is!

Hey YOU…
images-1It’s August … in the city — – people underground and above ground grumble grumbling – “the heat! the heat! the heat!” …. why??

Do they not remember how fracking cold it gets in the winter … and don’t they enjoy feeling their bodies instead of being FROZEN from the chill of the north wind?

It gets hot – – its what it does and this summer has been amazing! I put my AC in on July 31! It’s the third week in August and it feels “really hot” for the first time – this is a summer to remember!

How are you enjoying all of this sweating and releasing of toxins?!

that’s what I keep thinking every time I’m hot … we are releasing a lot of BS which is probably why people feel like they’re going crazy in the heat … all of the feelings?! images

It’s those feelings that are making us crazy – we know that we need to change our thoughts and actions – some of us do … and we must continue even if it feels like others are not. It’s about us changing us… not me changing you – its me changing me.

patience is key.


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