Magic Passion Love & Pretty Positives!

I am so inspired by my friend and creative partner Paula Brett – not only is she gorgeous and intelligent she is very artistically talented! Sharing an art studio was a great adventure and even though we are no longer sharing “physical art space” – we are still connected through our “soul energy”.

Inspiration comes from making art – MAKE ART
… is something that I truly believe everyone can do – and if you don’t enjoy what you create – then consider buying one of Paula’s “Pretty Positives!”

Little reminders to hang on your wall – that you are an amazing human being living a spiritual adventures! LIVE LIVE LIVE – it feels good!

Here are some of her Pretty Positives

These works are created with good, old-fashioned POSITIVITY and they are powerful little canvases! The affirmations are heartfelt, and when placed and viewed with intention, they work their magic. All “Pretty Positives” are handmade, unique creations by Paula Brett. The mixed-media canvases are sized between 4″x5″ and 5″x7″, with a 1.5″ gallery-wrapped border. Enjoy!


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