Magic Passion Love & GratiDudes!

It just warms my heart that there are so many humans who are sharing positive energy!! Its more opportunity for more people to feel good!! It’s all about allowing humans to feel good – cuz if we feel good THEN we’ll care more .. CARE MORE TO TAKE CARE OF THE PLANET AND THE INHABITANTS ON THE PLANET!

As I continue on my 100 Day Reality Challenge – it is my intention to add to this blog every day — and some of these blogs I will share what cool people are doing …for example:

The Real GratiDudes

To bring families and communities together through
conscious media and humour, to raise awareness about
individual and global issues, and provide real
solutions in a fun playful way.

By Brad Morris;

I used to drink and smoke to get me high;
But deep down inside I just wanted to die.
My heart was filled with sadness and anger;
When I looked in the mirror I was seeing a stranger.

No purpose, no plan, just observing from the side;
I was scared of my future, there was no hope inside.
I had no confidence in myself or humanity;
I thought we were screwed, excuse my profanity.

Many relate to the stories I share;
Havin life so tough, almost too tough to bare.
But something inside told me things would get better;
So I prayed to God and chose to surrender.

Like a light turning on in the darkness of night;
My heart opened up, my world became bright.
I could suddenly see what was infront of my face;
Everything started to fall into place.

Day-by-day things slowly improved;
The more I forgave, the more energy I moved.
Miracles appeared everwhere I turned;
Life began to make sense, with the more I learned.

Everyday I prayed for guidance from God;
I’d never prayed before, at first it felt odd.
I was amazed to see the answers come through;
As my life transformed, my faith in Him grew.

I was starting to realize who I really was;
I was more than a human, I am an extension of God.
When I had this revelation, I just wanted to share;
But people thought I was crazy, they just sat there and stared.

Why didn’t they believe me? I knew it was true.
I guess it was an indication there was more inner work to do…
So that’s what I did, inwards I went;
I learned to meditate, many hours I spent.

Little by little people started to believe,
As they witnessed some of the things I achieved.
They’d ask me, “Brad, what did you do?”
I’d tell them, I found God within, and you can too!

Do the same as I did, meditate and pray.
Be patient, accept yourself, take it day-by-day.
Just watch, you’ll see, things will definately shift;
The more you love yourself, your Spirit will lift.

You’ll rise, you’ll overcome the problems from your past;
And stick with it, because the results will last.
I know you’ll soar, you’re gonna fly;
You won’t need drugs, you’ll be naturally high.

Be positive, have faith, keep your mind on track;
Focus on your goals, don’t ever look back.
Forward is the only direction to face;
And take your time, this is not a race.

You’ve got your whole life, and the ones after this;
Which means there’s so much time to follow your bliss.
Accept where you are in this time and space;
With all that you’ve thought, this is the perfect place.

As long as your always taking baby steps forward;
Your Spirit’ll be happy, you’ll be rewarded.
So forget the past, let go of the dark ages;
We’re all born to lead, we’re meant to be Sages.

Stand up straight and choose to be strong;
There’s no screwing up, you can’t go wrong.
We all have the power to turn our darkness to light;
To have Peace within, you must stop the fight.

So choose so now, and do it here;
Surrender to God and have no fear.
From this point on, your life’ll get better and better;
Because you said YES and chose to surrender.

I’m happy for you and all the people you’ll empower;
As your life transforms like a blossoming flower.


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