New Moon Thought … and Trickydame Art

January 15, 2010 This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is to help us learn more about our selves and what we want out of life. Developing our own personal faith will help to sustain us while we are evolving and becoming the person we wish to be. It will enable us to maintain important personal values while eliminating worn out beliefs that hinder our growth.

Know what’s really exhausting? STRUGGLE — The fucking Struggle!

without judgment on of the obstacles – challenges – choices – vanity – feelings that may occur in your life.

SERIOUSLY… LIVE MY LIFE! That’s all I have to do… and anything that I want…ask for it and do what I need to do to RECEIVE It.. which first just means to ASK!

SO—- LIVE LIFE! Painting and Making Art – – This really is my DREAM – FUCK!!

I easily afford this lifestyle! Creating my ideal life is my work/my job and It is possible to create it on my own terms! I enjoy my life more and more every day – YEAH!!!


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