I am what I am …I am Joanne!

I never knew there were so many songs with my name!!

I went to a karokee party the other night and there was a song by Micheal Nesmith called “Joanne” and I was like what?! It was the craziest song ever ….I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard of it. So days later, I’m on YouTube and search for this song and it’s comes up a lot! So many people love it – it’s one of “Nez” big hits!

The really crazy thing was – there were a few other bands with songs about Joanne as well!

I love when this kinda shit happens – You learn a word and it pops up! You have a “aha” moment and something switches! You remember how important it is to sing songs about YOURSELF!!

What songs have your name in them?
Sing a song about you today!!