trickydame’s transformation continues…

I am in state of awe for the past 36 hours have gone so smoothly and enjoyably — and the tasks that I still have to do are merely words on a piece of paper. I have let go of so much extra stuff – physical & emotional — I’m realizing that this move was a necessary piece in the puzzle that is trickydame.

I have learned to go with the flow – expect nothing yet trust that it all works out and it does – attract only good positive people to do business with you – speak honestly about finances and stay responsible – ask for guidance and support – recognize when fear/doubt/worry begin to enter the vibration, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and release it and breathe in LOVE!

For me to be so calm and ready for the emotional weekend is a true sign that using the Spiritual Laws of the Universe really does work!! Yeah!!

Here’s my daily gratitude list for my final Friday @ 500 East 11 St …near Avenue A.

I am grateful for an amazing day in the apartment
I am grateful I woke up at 3:30 this morning and spent the next 4 hours playing in my apt
I am grateful to watch the snow from my window when the city was sleeping
I am grateful for the way my apartment feels and know its because of my energy!
I am grateful for a afternoon visit
I am grateful the guy came and took my counter top this afternoon & it was so easy
I am grateful for taking an amazing mug wort bath while the snow fell
I am grateful for the amazing salad I just ate
I am grateful I feel so good about everything
I am grateful I can accept that everything is going so smoothly because of ME!
I am grateful I am not afraid to do the work to have my dream life
I am grateful for unlimited possibilities always coming to me
I am grateful I have no clue who’s showing up when with the exception of a few people
I am grateful I release all attachment to the outcome
I am grateful I came to this apartment to become an artist and I leave as an ARTIST!

My last weekend living in the east village is perfect!
My last weekend living in the east village is perfect!
My last weekend living in the east village is perfect!

I am ready for the next chapter of my life and enjoy the transition period right now!
I am ready for the next chapter of my life and enjoy the transition period right now!
I am ready for the next chapter of my life and enjoy the transition period right now!

I take care of myself and do enough each day
I take care of myself and do enough each day
I take care of myself and do enough each day

The right people & opportunities come to me to help with the MPL-USA Tour
The right people & opportunities come to me to help with the MPL-USA Tour
The right people & opportunities come to me to help with the MPL-USA Tour

I am worthy of having an amazing love relationship with the right man
I am worthy of having an amazing love relationship with the right man
I am worthy of having an amazing love relationship with the right man

last week in apartment …

so it’s my last week in the apartment – veryveryveryvery SURREAL!
I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon FAME clips on You tube and watching the shows on netflix. it’s so intensely emotional – excited for what’s to come and also — sad to let something go. it’s raining today — as if the city shares my tears

The crazy thing … with all of these shifting emotions going on within me,
I still feel good!
I still feel right.

I feel my soul guiding me and I’m not letting it freak me out! This is how I want to feel.

I want to feel EVERYTHING and still keep moving forward making my Dreams come True!

Transformational Shifting Energy ART PARTY!

Its been almost 16 years since I first came to NYC … and it’s been an amazing interesting adventure! I’m very grateful that I found the most Magical Building in all of the East Village to call HOME!

500 E 11th St, East Village
Now the Time has come to move on — I’m leaving My East Village Apartment! (just the east village/not NYC yet!)

Spring 2010 is all about Planning the MPL-USA 100 Day Tour!

To celebrate the Transformational Shifting Energy that is happening to all of us Right Now –

I’m hosting a Party x TWO!

Friday – Feb 26
Saturday – Feb 27 – FULL MOON
pop by anytime after 7p til Dawn?!

500 E 11 St #24 @ Ave A

BYOB or whatever else you would like to share – Bring Friends! Dress UP! It’s another GALA EVENT!!

It’s an Art Sale – Art Party = Art Experience — all to prepare for the MPL-USA 100 Day Tour!

mpl usa

Magic Passion Love & NYC!
I look forward to sharing one last “good time party” with as many of you!


napkin thought

I came into this NYC
unable to love.
Falling in love with the city
ignited a passion.
Now, it’s the passion
that I feel in my soul.
The fire warms my heart
perhaps its love.
Love for myself…

Maybe so, it wasn’t NYC that I was falling in love with.
It was me.
It was Joanne.
My relationship with NYC
has created an artist in me.
I feel alive.
Its this sensation that gives
me chills on my spine.

words on napkin

june 1996

Saturday night
on avenue a
we score some
Went to george’s
place and did
a few lines.
Next to her
I felt good.
My head was on
her shoulders,
her arms
around me.
Nothing could
hurt us on
the dancer’s couch
Lines were white,
clean and smooth.
Down we went
Instantly free
The sun would rise,
she would leave,
my life would
begin again.
Before you go
hold me
Take me in your arms.
Hold me tight.
Sunlight is entering
my window.
Not yet. Not yet.
Tomorrow is here.
With the morning sun
comes all that we
talked about the night
Saturday night
scored some
dope from the
guy on
avenue a.
yeah, we did.

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little pieces of paper

As I’m packing up my apartment – I keep finding little pieces of paper that I wrote on over the years and I want to remember some of these words but I don’t really want to keep the pieces of paper. I am de-cluttering after all!!

We take journeys in life.
When do they start?
Some may say when we are born.
Some may say when we begin to make adult choices.
I say when you make the decision to let yourself FEEL everything that is offered to you.

Even now… I try to avoid the topic at hand – I’m starting to let myself fall in love with the guy playing pool. I am because of the way he laughs – the stories he tells me – the shrug he often gives – his blond eye lash in his left eye lash.

— this was written a few winters ago when I was in the midst of an amazing love affair. I will always be grateful for the “iron sculptor” and the gifts we shared with one another.
I send him love and light – right now, where ever he is.

A Daily Quote to remind me of what I don’t want!

I receive Daily Quotes from Abraham as told thru Esther Hicks. For those who don’t know them, I invite you to check out their website:

This is today’s quote:

Be easy about it. Don’t rush into things. Savor them more. Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are making, and in all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure, your desire for feeling good, be your only guiding light. As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the Energy that is your Source. And under those conditions, only good can come to you, and only good can come from you.

— Abraham

Perfect for me to read this Monday morning – I only have 20 more days in my apartment. I woke up this morning to the sun shining through the windows.

My apartment is a mess – and I know this one reason why my head feels so out of control. I keep wanting to paint to release what’s going on and I can’t find the inspirations. I keep wanting to have sex to distract me but I’m not really attracted to anyone right now. I keep wanting to get drunk to forget for a few minutes. I keep wanting to KNOW what’s going to happen when I leave this apartment.

I keep wanting to …wanting … WANTING!! And this is what needs to shift …. I am not interested living in a state of WANTING!

I am interested in living a state of “being me.”

Feeling good being me – when the want thoughts come into play this is when I begin to “Not Feel so Good” — and letting go of those thoughts are the “tricky” ones!! And … as much as I know I can call friends to talk to, share my feelings and my tears — ultimately, I must find the space within myself to be at peace with my life. my choices. my feelings.

SHIT!!!!! Life is such an interesting adventure! Let’s always remember that its just life and I am free to live it as best I can.

letting go …

Right now, I am in the midst of letting go a way of life that I’ve had for almost 16 years! I am moving out of my apartment in the East Village – this apartment I found when I moved here in 1994. This apartment where I discovered the ideas of Magic Passion Love. This apartment where I experienced some amazing party moments. This apartment where I have cried and released the pain of life. This apartment where I lived with the coolest dog. This apartment where I realized my sexual essence. This apartment where I shared the NYC experience with over 40 people I call my “boarders” …. YEAH … this is a pretty intense time.

However, I always say, “relationships don’t have to last forever!” …. and letting it all go leads to having it all.

I think one of the biggest aspects of this whole moment is time is there is so much of the UNKNOWN before me. I have to step back and think back to when I was moving to New York City– there was also a lot of UNKNOWN then and look how it turn out – it turned out just fine! SO …. trust that I am on the right path and all that I need Always comes to me! This means, money – romantic love – creative inspiration – business partners – clients/customers – emotional support and artistic success!

Its ok to let it go — it’s ok.

—– gratitude is magic ——
grateful to do this list even if it means I’m procrastinating packing &/or painting
grateful my stuff is selling little by little
grateful I have access to a car during this month to help with the move
grateful for being offered my own bedroom for the next few months
grateful for so much support
grateful for a weird night last night not turning out what I expected
grateful to release more and more expectations
grateful to be getting more specific about what I want
grateful to let go of the Need to Know
grateful I am in my 40s!
grateful for getting up and going to Creative Light Service
grateful to run into FCW I know there
grateful to share the ideas with MPL with more people
grateful to have the time right now to be me
grateful for knowing so many lightworkers
grateful to be grateful


February has begun…

sunrise from 500 east

I welcome change and rejoice in new adventures. I put my best foot forward. I look great and feel great and radiate these good feelings out into the world. I am ready for Life and I know Life loves me.

I have the Louise Hay Yearly Affirmation calendar and I’m so grateful that I manifested this at the M&S workshop last month – it’s really helps reading a positive affirmation every day, it helps to call/text people when you need a boost of positive energy, it helps to understand that the naysayers adds to the movement of the dream and it helps to always see/feel the BIG PICTURE!

I woke up this morning at dawn – snapped this picture because i want to always remember this wonderful view from my east village apartment. Then I fell back asleep and slept until 10:30! It was really hard for me to get out of bed because of all of the work I need to do in the next few weeks. However, just before I fell back asleep – I texted two friends that I was having a little bit of a freak about the upcoming changes in my life. So when I woke up, I had two amazing texts: “Yes, you are.” and “Deep breathing…the Universe supports u and ur choices…all is well”

Getting those texts helped me shift my vibrational energy back into alignment with my Magic Passion Love.

The next few weeks are going to be opportunities for me to understand the importance of staying aligned with my personal energy source … and trust that the sun will always rise no matter where I’m sleeping. I’ll always have a wonderful view if I choose to see it.