letting go …

Right now, I am in the midst of letting go a way of life that I’ve had for almost 16 years! I am moving out of my apartment in the East Village – this apartment I found when I moved here in 1994. This apartment where I discovered the ideas of Magic Passion Love. This apartment where I experienced some amazing party moments. This apartment where I have cried and released the pain of life. This apartment where I lived with the coolest dog. This apartment where I realized my sexual essence. This apartment where I shared the NYC experience with over 40 people I call my “boarders” …. YEAH … this is a pretty intense time.

However, I always say, “relationships don’t have to last forever!” …. and letting it all go leads to having it all.

I think one of the biggest aspects of this whole moment is time is there is so much of the UNKNOWN before me. I have to step back and think back to when I was moving to New York City– there was also a lot of UNKNOWN then and look how it turn out – it turned out just fine! SO …. trust that I am on the right path and all that I need Always comes to me! This means, money – romantic love – creative inspiration – business partners – clients/customers – emotional support and artistic success!

Its ok to let it go — it’s ok.

—– gratitude is magic ——
grateful to do this list even if it means I’m procrastinating packing &/or painting
grateful my stuff is selling little by little
grateful I have access to a car during this month to help with the move
grateful for being offered my own bedroom for the next few months
grateful for so much support
grateful for a weird night last night not turning out what I expected
grateful to release more and more expectations
grateful to be getting more specific about what I want
grateful to let go of the Need to Know
grateful I am in my 40s!
grateful for getting up and going to Creative Light Service
grateful to run into FCW I know there
grateful to share the ideas with MPL with more people
grateful to have the time right now to be me
grateful for knowing so many lightworkers
grateful to be grateful



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