little pieces of paper

As I’m packing up my apartment – I keep finding little pieces of paper that I wrote on over the years and I want to remember some of these words but I don’t really want to keep the pieces of paper. I am de-cluttering after all!!

We take journeys in life.
When do they start?
Some may say when we are born.
Some may say when we begin to make adult choices.
I say when you make the decision to let yourself FEEL everything that is offered to you.

Even now… I try to avoid the topic at hand – I’m starting to let myself fall in love with the guy playing pool. I am because of the way he laughs – the stories he tells me – the shrug he often gives – his blond eye lash in his left eye lash.

— this was written a few winters ago when I was in the midst of an amazing love affair. I will always be grateful for the “iron sculptor” and the gifts we shared with one another.
I send him love and light – right now, where ever he is.


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