Transformational Shifting Energy ART PARTY!

Its been almost 16 years since I first came to NYC … and it’s been an amazing interesting adventure! I’m very grateful that I found the most Magical Building in all of the East Village to call HOME!

500 E 11th St, East Village
Now the Time has come to move on — I’m leaving My East Village Apartment! (just the east village/not NYC yet!)

Spring 2010 is all about Planning the MPL-USA 100 Day Tour!

To celebrate the Transformational Shifting Energy that is happening to all of us Right Now –

I’m hosting a Party x TWO!

Friday – Feb 26
Saturday – Feb 27 – FULL MOON
pop by anytime after 7p til Dawn?!

500 E 11 St #24 @ Ave A

BYOB or whatever else you would like to share – Bring Friends! Dress UP! It’s another GALA EVENT!!

It’s an Art Sale – Art Party = Art Experience — all to prepare for the MPL-USA 100 Day Tour!

mpl usa

Magic Passion Love & NYC!
I look forward to sharing one last “good time party” with as many of you!



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