a cold spring day blog post

I just watched a video by Doreen Virtue and this is a quote that she takes guidance from.

I’ve never begun any important adventure for which I felt adequately prepared! “Sheldon Kopp”

Its definitely saying something to me — so I believe I will allow myself to sit and think about it.

in fact today – one of my “doreen virtue” cards I pulled today was “WAIT” … not feeling very motivated to do much today so instead of staying in the “struggle” mode, I’m going to just chill out and chances are tomorrow — well, I’m going to be well rested and clear headed.

I had a nice conversation with a friend who inspired this image of “frustrating thoughts” … changing our thoughts is like being on a diet — it takes time to change your eating habits so it of course takes time and patience to change your THINKING HABITS!

The Frustrating thoughts are like Chocolate CAKE — do I really need to eat the entire CAKE?? How will I feel if i do? How will I feel if I continue to FEED the FRUSTRATING THOUGHTS! Pretty much the same way as if I ate the entire CAKE!

when I reach for that Frustrating Thought – count to 10 and ask myself … Seriously Joanne — Do you really want to feel that way?!

It’s a choice … it’s all a choice!
I have the power to choose the good feeling thoughts!
I also have lots of help!

I forgive myself for having the frustrating thoughts
I am worthy of feeling good thoughts
I love & approve of myself!

wow …. feels better already! xo

what does being an artist mean to me?

Well, right now it means that I am writing & researching my own personal spiritual quest and finding ways to express this to others creatively. When I had an art studio to paint in, painting was my primary expression. However, since letting go of both my studio and my apartment, I am discovering other forms of creative expression that is satisfying my soul. These forms are creating public art and storytelling — and something is guiding me to do this while traveling across the United States of America!

Now, I’m not 100% sure how this is all going to all unfold however, as I share this idea with other my friends so many of them feel this is the best thing I could do RIGHT NOW! And I have to admit, I agree with them. It’s time to see what will happen with more conversations about Magic Passion Love!!
When shared …. WOW!!!!!!!!!

And … I personal believe & feel that the USA needs a little bit more WOW right NOW! And who to better help create the WOWNESS than other co-creators of positive energy!

I believe that by the mere fact that we are connected via the internet — and sharing positive energy here – we are SHOOTING POSITIVE ENERGY BEAMS INTO THE UNIVERSE – imagine what would happen if we could do this OFFLINE!? We already are sharing so much POSITIVE ENERGY offline in our every day lives … I can feel it shifting every day!

I’m just curious to meet some of you … and to share positive energy with as many people as possible… its a social art experiment! I love science but don’t have the patience to study in classrooms — I prefer experimenting in real life!

Here is a list of cities on the
Chicago, Minneapolis, St Paul, San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Miami, Denver, St Louis and a few places in North Carolina.

(do you know anyone in these cities?! Let me know!!)

My Outrageous Vision of the MPL-USA Art Tour would be the following: Hybrid type Camper, 2 people to travel with me and help drive & document, funds to cover food/gas/tolls/incidentals, to earn at least $1000/mth per person to cover our personal expenses, art supplies to make the visioning book, video equipment/mac book to record video and maintain social media, publicist to help us market it so we can meet up with some cool people and create an amazing product to share when we are finished.

What will happen on the MPL-USA Art Tour:


***People will co-host Manifesting Circles in their cities – these can happen in their living rooms, kitchens, yoga studios, churches, community centers, parks, restaurants, back yards, beaches, sitting in lawn chairs in a garage or where ever!

*****Mass Manifesting Mobiles will be created in private and PUBLIC SPACES! People are invited to share their personal dreams/wishes for positive energy for themselves or the world! Imagine creating one in a Shopping Mall Parking Lot!!

TRICKYDAME TALENTS available for purchase!

****** Re-energizing Sessions: I work with you to re-energize the positive energy within you. Perfect before or after an event, medical procedure, business deal, or just when you need a little zip-zap! Using essential oils*, chakra clearing, guided meditation, reiki energy and oracle art card reading, I guide to you to allow feel live the Magic Passion Love in you! Rates vary from city to city – bartering is encouraged!

******MPL Art Products: MPL Oracle Art Cards, MPL Biz Card Case Holders, Prints, Stationary, Hand designed, infused with MPL energy T-shirts, MPL Manifesting Mist and of course Manifesting Mobiles!

******Trickydame Stories – trickydame shares some entertaining based on true event stories at open mics/bookstores/living rooms.

I believe if we can create financial abundance from nuclear energy, fuel energy, gas energy, solar energy … WHY NOT Magic Passion Love Energy! It’s in all of us… and my intention is to create a thriving art business selling my art and other creative projects to earn financial abundance for myself and others.

Would you like to find out how you can share in the MAGIC PASSION LOVE that is Trickydame?!

Email me at: trickydame@gmail.com

First day of Spring!

I received Doreen Virtue’s Angel Newsletter and today’s was (as usual!) amazing!! It validates some of the thoughts I was having this morning when I woke up. I was feeling a little low this morning – and a little scared. I didn’t sleep very well last night (could have been because of the late night pizza I ate!!) and this morning, I felt a little uneasy about what I should do today. I am feeling a little stressed because I haven’t been able to go online as easily – – – however, a part of me is OK that I can’t go online where I am sleeping. I don’t have tv or internet which is allowing me A LOT of quiet time!!! AND this quiet time is a good thing for me RIGHT NOW!

It’s giving me opportunities to find clarity about what my intentions are for the next few months. What is my art form that I will be sharing with others? How can I create financial abundance from my work? This morning more ideas came to me … and for this I am grateful. This would not have happened if I hadn’t been feeling a little cranky. To move out of the crankiness, I listen to my morning meditations by Gail Chiara. Getting the thoughts to flow was my only intention and they did! Once I was feeling stronger, I went outside and BOY did I feel good then! The spring sunshine was shining down so bright that all I could do was take a breath!

YEAH – spring is here! Tonight I have plans to honor the spring equinox by celebrating my personal choices of CHANGE! I love & approve of myself! It’s safe for me to be me! It’s safe for YOU to be YOU!

It really is … and the more of us who do this — WOW!

Here are some of the highlights of Angel Therapy Newsletter!! ENJOY!!

It is safe for me to receive
I now live my life according to my inner guidance
It is safe for me to be happy
I enjoy and deserve peace
I have compassion upon myself
I trust and listen to my feelings
I am loved and supported
It is safe for me to be successful
I allow myself to receive love and support
It is safe to be my authentic self with other people
I have the right to change my life to mirror my higher self’s visions
I easily let go of the old when its purpose has been served
I take excellent care of myself in all ways.
When I win, everybody wins

The angels have been giving strong messages about the Equinox and this new season:

They’re saying that it’s time (and important) to let go of the old right now. Anything that’s stressful, depressing, or toxic is holding you back
from living fully in the light. You can’t ignore this situation, and
it’s time to deal with
it head-on.

It’s the perfect time to let go. It’s easiest to first let go emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually . . . and then the physical letting go will follow. For instance, if you have a
stressful job, spend time meditating this weekend. Feel yourself making
decision to fully surrender and release your job to God and the
universe. Detach from all forms of drama associated with the situation.
Keep working with this until you feel peace in your belly and heart.

Know that the Divine infinite wisdom has a wonderful plan for you . . . if you’ll get out of its way! That means surrendering any need to fix,
control, or force things. Get to the mental and emotional state of
feeling excited about what’s coming up next for you, ask the angels to
help you to trust and have faith, and then Let Go and Let God be in

The Equinox and new season is extremely supportive for making changes, setting new intentions, and applying your manifestation abilities. Take
advantage of this seasonal shift and focus upon making healthy changes.

Check out the YOUTUBE: Angel Card Reading by Doreen!

st pats blog

Today is a St Patricks Day and here in NYC there is going to be a really BIG parade down 5th Avenue. When I left the apartment this morning – there were so many COPS all over the West Village — I find it so un-nerving to see so many police officers. Mainly because I know they are there to keep the crowds under control –those people who feel the need to get drunk and act stupid. I’m all about “allowing all humans CHOICE to do be/act as they desire” … HOWEVER, when making choices – I also believe that you need to be respectful of others.

Right now I am experiencing so many questions in my mind – I know these questions are coming to me so I may learn/grow spiritually. Its been awhile since I’ve had the “head space’ to hear the questions and now I also have the time to work on the answers. (sometimes there is NOT one answer to questions but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask them –in my opinion!)

SO here are the two questions that are coming to me today –
Do my choices affect others?! Is that ok if they do?!

yesterday i had a lunch with a friend who is “worried about me” — she & my older sister would love each other as my older sister has expressed similar concerns with me. My friend poses the questions that I should be thinking about how I’m going to make money. She asks me how my other artists friends make their money. I need to make money so I can have a place to call home. I need to have a job (even if I don’t like it) to pay my bills. How long can you travel around with out a home – aren’t you going to need a place to call home. You aren’t 20 anymore. I noticed that she was speaking from a place of love — however, it was her own “issues” that were asking the questions about her own experience. Like my sister, she has chosen to be in a long term relationship with a partner & raising a family. They have a great life for them – and I have no desire to have that kind of life.

THEN … I thought Why should it matter to her!? I was thinking it probably doesn’t matter how much money I have in the bank – because I have a feeling anyone who consciously steps away from the “Mainstream – so called Acceptable” way of living in our society gets questioned.

Is my choice of to travel for the next few months the most safest thing I could do – NO!

However, its the safest action I can do if I want to stay happy & healthy!

My choice to leave my apartment & lifestyle was made for a few reasons:
1. Not interested in feeling stressed any more to finding ways to pay for it
2. Not interested in needing to live in east village
3. Not interested in working full time for something that doesn’t feed my artistic soul
4. INTERESTED in living life as fully as possible by being me 24/7
4. INTERESTED in meeting new people who understand why I made this choice

I know why I made my choice – and this is the only reason that matters to me.

So again I ask the questions – are my choices affecting her?!
ONLY if she chooses to have them affect her, right?!

Season 2 – Day 1 of being Me.

I am sitting in a cafe in the East Village – just had a nice lunch with an artist friend. It feels good to be in New York City this week – I’m feeling so ready to take action for the next phase of my life. Having the 100 Day Reality Challenge as a guide has been so helpful. Breaking it down into chunks of time, gives me an opportunity to relax and notice how nothing is “forever” or is anything “desperate”. I am releasing the need to stay in a state of panic/fear about the what ifs!

What if I leave my apartment – I’m fine

What if I choose not to work a full time job – I’m fine

What if I meet a cool man – I’m fine

What if I don’t meet a cool man – I’m fine

What if I sell my art work – I’m fine

What if I don’t sell my art work – I’m fine

What if I travel to the Southeast next month – I’m fine

What if I don’t – I’m fine

What ifs … what the fuck are they good for?!?!?!

It is an important time in the history of our spiritual evolution and I know that I am supposed to be taking this time to write and be ok with the “being a human”. I have manifested many opportunities that allow me to live nicely and be able to focus on my art project. My current art project is to work on creating “Mass Manifesting Mobiles” in as many out door spaces I can, to work on the “Trickydame Wowism” book, share Magic Passion Love thru manifesting circles/re-energizing sessions and document/tell stories about all of the humans being spiritual right now!

Kinda sounds awfully fun and amazing so why would I NOT DO THIS ?! Today – I make the choice to be the person who receives the gifts and uses them to make myself feel good as well as others! After all there are enough “good things” out there for all of us to ENJOY!!

Yeah for all of us Co-Creating Our Realities!!

spring is almost here?!

Yesterday when I took a walk I stumbled upon a little patch of land where there were “little yellow flowers” popping out of the earth. The lake is still covered with ice however, Mother Earth is letting me know that Spring is coming! Which means very soon more and more things are going to bloom including my projects!!

I am in a very transitioning moment in my life right now. I’ve let go of my home so that I may be able to focus on my art project. However what is my art project?! I am feeling very confused at the moment.

I know I will be traveling very soon – I just don’t know where?! I know WHY I’ll be traveling… I will be creating Mass Manifesting Mobiles in various cities across the country. I will be sharing positive energy with people who are working on taking conscious actions in making their life more aligned with their spirit. I will be making art. I suppose this WHY is the only question I need to have the answer to RIGHT NOW.

Its the WHY that will guide me to understand the HOW – WHERE – WHEN – WHO of this summer adventure.

I always say its so important to have patience with yourself and your goals and I must remember this for myself!!

I always say its so important to forgive yourself for anything that seems to be causing you distress and I must remember this for myself.

and today as I was writing this blog – I received an message from Patricia Moreno/inten-Sati — just what I needed to hear!!

So remember
1. Know what outcome you want and don’t be part of the problem but part of the solution

2. See it as done in your mind then allow it to manifest in the perfect time and way

3. Celebrate NOW! Live as if you know it is done.

4. Our life is a self fulfilling prophecy, keep your dream alive in your heart and mind.

5. Be happy today. There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. Today matters!

it is 2010, if not now, when will we celebrate. Make it a great day.

It is done
I let it be
I celebrate now
I am living my dream
my faith grows stronger
I am unlimited
in every way
I give thanks
with all my heart
I walk in trust
it lifts me up
I move with ease
I now believe
its my time!

recap of Season 1 of Trickydame’s 100 day reality challenge

When I discovered the Co-Creating Our Reality website awhile ago through random web surfing, I remember I signed up and thought, WOW this is really cool. However, for some reason, I didn’t start using the website for some reason … well, the reason was because it wasn’t TIME!!!

So when I randomly got an email stating – Start your 100 Day Reality Challenge on December 1, 2009 – It was the Universe telling me that the TIME IS NOW to begin to truly be conscious with all of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I immediately began writing up a list of what I intended to accomplish not only in these 100 days but what my intentions are for MY LIFE!!

Just this morning I was having a conversation with a friend (who is starting HER 100 Day Reality Challenge TODAY!!) about it’s so important to “act as if you already have” whatever your intentions are. By doing this – it allows me to get COMFORTABLE with having it all. I feel that this was one of the lessons I got to learn in Season One — BEING COMFORTABLE with living within the VORTEX as Abraham Hicks calls it. It takes TIME to be comfortable and this is OK! We have to give ourselves patience and time — and when things don’t go as smoothly – FORGIVE OURSELVES! and others 🙂

Every day since starting this 100 day reality challenge, at least some point during the day – I remind myself that I’m doing just fine … I forgive myself for everything…and I breathe!! BREATHING is another lesson I’ve learned to really do in this Season. I learned this importance of this during the time that I was making the decision to move out of my apartment that I lived in for almost 16 years in the East Village of NYC. I am still in state of awe that when I started Season 1, that I was not even considering a move — however because of my MAIN INTENTION – I relax in the flow of BEING a Full Time Artist! this opportunity showed itself to me.

I was given an opportunity & I allowed myself to truly re-define my Life Story. This was an intense question to ask myself – because many years I’ve identified myself through “my amazing east village apartment” however, I’ve also always known that it would need to end at some point as well. I didn’t want to become a “crazy new yorker” who’s stayed in the same “small flat” for over 20 years and work jobs just to pay for it so I allowed myself to Change My Story.

I’m grateful I was able to change my story through a positive experience because I recognize that many people make changes due to illness, divorce/break ups, and deaths. I was given an opportunity to make a choice – if I truly wanted to stay in that apartment, I would have found a way – I could have chosen to work full time as a real estate agent. I have a great company to work for and they are so supportive of my artistic goals. HOWEVER, it just didn’t feel right to do this. I have the freedom RIGHT NOW to make changes in my life so I took the big chance to jump into My Main Intention – Be a Full Time Artist!

Now that I’ve made this choice – all I need to do is relax & enjoy! I have places to stay for the next few months – I have money in the bank – I have amazing people who I call friends – I have great contacts to work with – anything that I need is always available to me and/or coming to me! I trust this because of how everything has transpired for me these past 100 days. I also know this because of witnessing amazing accomplishments from so many other co-creators! This is the power of this community – the sharing!! Which is why “sharing” is included in the definition of Magic Passion Love.

Magic Passion Love – a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good, when shared WOW!

There is a lot of WOW Manifesting on the co-creating our reality site!!

Here is a re-cap of my Season One intentions – I feel good about what I’ve accomplished and I trust that everything on this list will be Manifested within the next year. As so many know, we are in a time of POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFT — its time to create your reality — do you chose to be a co-creator or continue to resist and struggle?!

To be able to pay my monthly expenses easily and on time (Yes I do!)

To feel healthy and attractive in my body (Yes I do!)

To live my values 24/7 (Yes I do!)

To be using social media tools to my fullest ability to create new professional/spiritual relationships (Yes I do!)

To have quality personal relationships for support (Yes I do!)

To be a well paid full time artist with my own art business fully set up by June 2010 ( this is happening as I begin to plan the MPL-USA Tour!)
To have multiple streams of income earning me over $5k a month (is happening at the right time!)
To have high paying enjoyable & creative freelance jobs in the next 100 days (I am always attracting new opportunities to me!)
To have my first book published along with the manifesting mobiles (by the end of 2010 I will have a publisher!)
To book re-energizing sessions a few times a month (yes yes!)
To travel to other cities and offer manifesting circles (soon!!)
To be in a safe & loving romantic relationship w/a good guy (I’m ready when he is ready!)

I am grateful to all of YOU who read my blog and follow Trickydame’s Adventures … it is an honor to be part of your own journeys – I believe that’s why we are here as Humans — to be able to inspire each other to live the best lives we can 🙂

Magic Passion Love & PEACE!! xojoanne

PS: right now as you are reading this – know that you are manifesting to you all that you desire … and I’m sharing my Magic Passion Love energy to you!! ENJOY!!!

Blogging b4 I head back to the Lake House…

Today is day 99 of my first Season on the 100 Day reality challenge…

I believe I’m going to start Season II on March 15. Having these challenges have given me the necessary structure for me to stay fully conscious the last 3 months. Yes, there were some days that I had less energy however, even on the low days, I was fully aware of what I was doing – I was doing it for my higher good.

I believe this is what I learned these last 99 days – it is important for me to stay focus on my higher purpose – and that is to honor my spirit. Listen to the inner child who is often a little nervous about moving out into the “grown up world” — so many grown ups are angry, bossy, know it alls, and rarely PLAY! However, there are grown ups who are cool – and I am one of them!!!

It might sound a little weird that I am turning 45 this year and still have issues with what being grown up means to me. To me it means having the responsibility to take care of yourself and respect of others around you. I do this — so any other things I wish to do should be respected by others – because all humans have FREE WILL. Our situations are different – and ultimately we have them by either “spiritual choices” or “human choices” — I believe I spiritually chose to be Joanne Morton because she would be able to make the human choices of living her life as an artist who travels to share positive art with others. And I have.

Now that I have made the choice – all I need to “do” is to Be the Artist who travels and shares positive art with others — and receives & experiences positive art from others. wow!

If you are in a place where you are looking to shift to the next level … I would highly recommend working with the Co-Creating Our Reality Community – this has been a wonderful tool and I’ve also been meeting some pretty amazing creative types that I look forward to sharing magic passion love with!!


sometimes … you just have to listen to yourself…

On my walk home from an oscar party gone a little NYC dramatic, I enjoyed the warm weather that gave me that little extra zip zap to truly remember why I LOVE NEW YORK CITY! And who I am supposed to be right now – someone who writes about her ideas on magic passion love and … to share her plan to take her art around the USA.

Why you ask?! I feel the need – the desire – the urge to share positive energy with people — and to meet others who are also sharing positive energy. I know lots of people here — I want to meet more –

I believe every time positive energy components meet up – this is creating tons of positive energy beams into the universe colliding into other positive energy beams of other cool people creating tons of positive energy beams into the universe colliding into other positive energy beams of other cool people creating tons of positive energy beams into the universe colliding into other positive energy beams of other cool people creating tons of positive energy beams into the universe colliding into other positive energy beams of other cool people creating tons of positive energy beams into the universe colliding into other positive energy beams of other cool people –

who knows what could happen?! I’m feeling some good shit 🙂

The Bells are ringing … change is now!

The bells rang out last Sunday, Feb 28 as if they were singing to me!

“GOOD BY AND GOOD LUCK JOANNE!! – We know you not leaving us forever, it’s just time to leave the apartment on East 11 St… the freedom that will come to you from releasing yourself from the monthly financial responsibilities will allow so much more to enter your life! YOU know that there are unlimited possibilities all around you and all that you need to do is be WILLING & OPEN TO RECEIVE. So every time you hear church bells, remember, today is your day to fly! You are loved! You are Safe! ”

and so I am!

What do the church bells sing to you?!