Blogging b4 I head back to the Lake House…

Today is day 99 of my first Season on the 100 Day reality challenge…

I believe I’m going to start Season II on March 15. Having these challenges have given me the necessary structure for me to stay fully conscious the last 3 months. Yes, there were some days that I had less energy however, even on the low days, I was fully aware of what I was doing – I was doing it for my higher good.

I believe this is what I learned these last 99 days – it is important for me to stay focus on my higher purpose – and that is to honor my spirit. Listen to the inner child who is often a little nervous about moving out into the “grown up world” — so many grown ups are angry, bossy, know it alls, and rarely PLAY! However, there are grown ups who are cool – and I am one of them!!!

It might sound a little weird that I am turning 45 this year and still have issues with what being grown up means to me. To me it means having the responsibility to take care of yourself and respect of others around you. I do this — so any other things I wish to do should be respected by others – because all humans have FREE WILL. Our situations are different – and ultimately we have them by either “spiritual choices” or “human choices” — I believe I spiritually chose to be Joanne Morton because she would be able to make the human choices of living her life as an artist who travels to share positive art with others. And I have.

Now that I have made the choice – all I need to “do” is to Be the Artist who travels and shares positive art with others — and receives & experiences positive art from others. wow!

If you are in a place where you are looking to shift to the next level … I would highly recommend working with the Co-Creating Our Reality Community – this has been a wonderful tool and I’ve also been meeting some pretty amazing creative types that I look forward to sharing magic passion love with!!



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