recap of Season 1 of Trickydame’s 100 day reality challenge

When I discovered the Co-Creating Our Reality website awhile ago through random web surfing, I remember I signed up and thought, WOW this is really cool. However, for some reason, I didn’t start using the website for some reason … well, the reason was because it wasn’t TIME!!!

So when I randomly got an email stating – Start your 100 Day Reality Challenge on December 1, 2009 – It was the Universe telling me that the TIME IS NOW to begin to truly be conscious with all of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I immediately began writing up a list of what I intended to accomplish not only in these 100 days but what my intentions are for MY LIFE!!

Just this morning I was having a conversation with a friend (who is starting HER 100 Day Reality Challenge TODAY!!) about it’s so important to “act as if you already have” whatever your intentions are. By doing this – it allows me to get COMFORTABLE with having it all. I feel that this was one of the lessons I got to learn in Season One — BEING COMFORTABLE with living within the VORTEX as Abraham Hicks calls it. It takes TIME to be comfortable and this is OK! We have to give ourselves patience and time — and when things don’t go as smoothly – FORGIVE OURSELVES! and others 🙂

Every day since starting this 100 day reality challenge, at least some point during the day – I remind myself that I’m doing just fine … I forgive myself for everything…and I breathe!! BREATHING is another lesson I’ve learned to really do in this Season. I learned this importance of this during the time that I was making the decision to move out of my apartment that I lived in for almost 16 years in the East Village of NYC. I am still in state of awe that when I started Season 1, that I was not even considering a move — however because of my MAIN INTENTION – I relax in the flow of BEING a Full Time Artist! this opportunity showed itself to me.

I was given an opportunity & I allowed myself to truly re-define my Life Story. This was an intense question to ask myself – because many years I’ve identified myself through “my amazing east village apartment” however, I’ve also always known that it would need to end at some point as well. I didn’t want to become a “crazy new yorker” who’s stayed in the same “small flat” for over 20 years and work jobs just to pay for it so I allowed myself to Change My Story.

I’m grateful I was able to change my story through a positive experience because I recognize that many people make changes due to illness, divorce/break ups, and deaths. I was given an opportunity to make a choice – if I truly wanted to stay in that apartment, I would have found a way – I could have chosen to work full time as a real estate agent. I have a great company to work for and they are so supportive of my artistic goals. HOWEVER, it just didn’t feel right to do this. I have the freedom RIGHT NOW to make changes in my life so I took the big chance to jump into My Main Intention – Be a Full Time Artist!

Now that I’ve made this choice – all I need to do is relax & enjoy! I have places to stay for the next few months – I have money in the bank – I have amazing people who I call friends – I have great contacts to work with – anything that I need is always available to me and/or coming to me! I trust this because of how everything has transpired for me these past 100 days. I also know this because of witnessing amazing accomplishments from so many other co-creators! This is the power of this community – the sharing!! Which is why “sharing” is included in the definition of Magic Passion Love.

Magic Passion Love – a renewable, sustainable energy source found within all of us. When used, life feels good, when shared WOW!

There is a lot of WOW Manifesting on the co-creating our reality site!!

Here is a re-cap of my Season One intentions – I feel good about what I’ve accomplished and I trust that everything on this list will be Manifested within the next year. As so many know, we are in a time of POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFT — its time to create your reality — do you chose to be a co-creator or continue to resist and struggle?!

To be able to pay my monthly expenses easily and on time (Yes I do!)

To feel healthy and attractive in my body (Yes I do!)

To live my values 24/7 (Yes I do!)

To be using social media tools to my fullest ability to create new professional/spiritual relationships (Yes I do!)

To have quality personal relationships for support (Yes I do!)

To be a well paid full time artist with my own art business fully set up by June 2010 ( this is happening as I begin to plan the MPL-USA Tour!)
To have multiple streams of income earning me over $5k a month (is happening at the right time!)
To have high paying enjoyable & creative freelance jobs in the next 100 days (I am always attracting new opportunities to me!)
To have my first book published along with the manifesting mobiles (by the end of 2010 I will have a publisher!)
To book re-energizing sessions a few times a month (yes yes!)
To travel to other cities and offer manifesting circles (soon!!)
To be in a safe & loving romantic relationship w/a good guy (I’m ready when he is ready!)

I am grateful to all of YOU who read my blog and follow Trickydame’s Adventures … it is an honor to be part of your own journeys – I believe that’s why we are here as Humans — to be able to inspire each other to live the best lives we can 🙂

Magic Passion Love & PEACE!! xojoanne

PS: right now as you are reading this – know that you are manifesting to you all that you desire … and I’m sharing my Magic Passion Love energy to you!! ENJOY!!!


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