spring is almost here?!

Yesterday when I took a walk I stumbled upon a little patch of land where there were “little yellow flowers” popping out of the earth. The lake is still covered with ice however, Mother Earth is letting me know that Spring is coming! Which means very soon more and more things are going to bloom including my projects!!

I am in a very transitioning moment in my life right now. I’ve let go of my home so that I may be able to focus on my art project. However what is my art project?! I am feeling very confused at the moment.

I know I will be traveling very soon – I just don’t know where?! I know WHY I’ll be traveling… I will be creating Mass Manifesting Mobiles in various cities across the country. I will be sharing positive energy with people who are working on taking conscious actions in making their life more aligned with their spirit. I will be making art. I suppose this WHY is the only question I need to have the answer to RIGHT NOW.

Its the WHY that will guide me to understand the HOW – WHERE – WHEN – WHO of this summer adventure.

I always say its so important to have patience with yourself and your goals and I must remember this for myself!!

I always say its so important to forgive yourself for anything that seems to be causing you distress and I must remember this for myself.

and today as I was writing this blog – I received an message from Patricia Moreno/inten-Sati — just what I needed to hear!!

So remember
1. Know what outcome you want and don’t be part of the problem but part of the solution

2. See it as done in your mind then allow it to manifest in the perfect time and way

3. Celebrate NOW! Live as if you know it is done.

4. Our life is a self fulfilling prophecy, keep your dream alive in your heart and mind.

5. Be happy today. There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey. Today matters!

it is 2010, if not now, when will we celebrate. Make it a great day.

It is done
I let it be
I celebrate now
I am living my dream
my faith grows stronger
I am unlimited
in every way
I give thanks
with all my heart
I walk in trust
it lifts me up
I move with ease
I now believe
its my time!


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