First day of Spring!

I received Doreen Virtue’s Angel Newsletter and today’s was (as usual!) amazing!! It validates some of the thoughts I was having this morning when I woke up. I was feeling a little low this morning – and a little scared. I didn’t sleep very well last night (could have been because of the late night pizza I ate!!) and this morning, I felt a little uneasy about what I should do today. I am feeling a little stressed because I haven’t been able to go online as easily – – – however, a part of me is OK that I can’t go online where I am sleeping. I don’t have tv or internet which is allowing me A LOT of quiet time!!! AND this quiet time is a good thing for me RIGHT NOW!

It’s giving me opportunities to find clarity about what my intentions are for the next few months. What is my art form that I will be sharing with others? How can I create financial abundance from my work? This morning more ideas came to me … and for this I am grateful. This would not have happened if I hadn’t been feeling a little cranky. To move out of the crankiness, I listen to my morning meditations by Gail Chiara. Getting the thoughts to flow was my only intention and they did! Once I was feeling stronger, I went outside and BOY did I feel good then! The spring sunshine was shining down so bright that all I could do was take a breath!

YEAH – spring is here! Tonight I have plans to honor the spring equinox by celebrating my personal choices of CHANGE! I love & approve of myself! It’s safe for me to be me! It’s safe for YOU to be YOU!

It really is … and the more of us who do this — WOW!

Here are some of the highlights of Angel Therapy Newsletter!! ENJOY!!

It is safe for me to receive
I now live my life according to my inner guidance
It is safe for me to be happy
I enjoy and deserve peace
I have compassion upon myself
I trust and listen to my feelings
I am loved and supported
It is safe for me to be successful
I allow myself to receive love and support
It is safe to be my authentic self with other people
I have the right to change my life to mirror my higher self’s visions
I easily let go of the old when its purpose has been served
I take excellent care of myself in all ways.
When I win, everybody wins

The angels have been giving strong messages about the Equinox and this new season:

They’re saying that it’s time (and important) to let go of the old right now. Anything that’s stressful, depressing, or toxic is holding you back
from living fully in the light. You can’t ignore this situation, and
it’s time to deal with
it head-on.

It’s the perfect time to let go. It’s easiest to first let go emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually . . . and then the physical letting go will follow. For instance, if you have a
stressful job, spend time meditating this weekend. Feel yourself making
decision to fully surrender and release your job to God and the
universe. Detach from all forms of drama associated with the situation.
Keep working with this until you feel peace in your belly and heart.

Know that the Divine infinite wisdom has a wonderful plan for you . . . if you’ll get out of its way! That means surrendering any need to fix,
control, or force things. Get to the mental and emotional state of
feeling excited about what’s coming up next for you, ask the angels to
help you to trust and have faith, and then Let Go and Let God be in

The Equinox and new season is extremely supportive for making changes, setting new intentions, and applying your manifestation abilities. Take
advantage of this seasonal shift and focus upon making healthy changes.

Check out the YOUTUBE: Angel Card Reading by Doreen!


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