what does being an artist mean to me?

Well, right now it means that I am writing & researching my own personal spiritual quest and finding ways to express this to others creatively. When I had an art studio to paint in, painting was my primary expression. However, since letting go of both my studio and my apartment, I am discovering other forms of creative expression that is satisfying my soul. These forms are creating public art and storytelling — and something is guiding me to do this while traveling across the United States of America!

Now, I’m not 100% sure how this is all going to all unfold however, as I share this idea with other my friends so many of them feel this is the best thing I could do RIGHT NOW! And I have to admit, I agree with them. It’s time to see what will happen with more conversations about Magic Passion Love!!
When shared …. WOW!!!!!!!!!

And … I personal believe & feel that the USA needs a little bit more WOW right NOW! And who to better help create the WOWNESS than other co-creators of positive energy!

I believe that by the mere fact that we are connected via the internet — and sharing positive energy here – we are SHOOTING POSITIVE ENERGY BEAMS INTO THE UNIVERSE – imagine what would happen if we could do this OFFLINE!? We already are sharing so much POSITIVE ENERGY offline in our every day lives … I can feel it shifting every day!

I’m just curious to meet some of you … and to share positive energy with as many people as possible… its a social art experiment! I love science but don’t have the patience to study in classrooms — I prefer experimenting in real life!

Here is a list of cities on the
Chicago, Minneapolis, St Paul, San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Miami, Denver, St Louis and a few places in North Carolina.

(do you know anyone in these cities?! Let me know!!)

My Outrageous Vision of the MPL-USA Art Tour would be the following: Hybrid type Camper, 2 people to travel with me and help drive & document, funds to cover food/gas/tolls/incidentals, to earn at least $1000/mth per person to cover our personal expenses, art supplies to make the visioning book, video equipment/mac book to record video and maintain social media, publicist to help us market it so we can meet up with some cool people and create an amazing product to share when we are finished.

What will happen on the MPL-USA Art Tour:


***People will co-host Manifesting Circles in their cities – these can happen in their living rooms, kitchens, yoga studios, churches, community centers, parks, restaurants, back yards, beaches, sitting in lawn chairs in a garage or where ever!

*****Mass Manifesting Mobiles will be created in private and PUBLIC SPACES! People are invited to share their personal dreams/wishes for positive energy for themselves or the world! Imagine creating one in a Shopping Mall Parking Lot!!

TRICKYDAME TALENTS available for purchase!

****** Re-energizing Sessions: I work with you to re-energize the positive energy within you. Perfect before or after an event, medical procedure, business deal, or just when you need a little zip-zap! Using essential oils*, chakra clearing, guided meditation, reiki energy and oracle art card reading, I guide to you to allow feel live the Magic Passion Love in you! Rates vary from city to city – bartering is encouraged!

******MPL Art Products: MPL Oracle Art Cards, MPL Biz Card Case Holders, Prints, Stationary, Hand designed, infused with MPL energy T-shirts, MPL Manifesting Mist and of course Manifesting Mobiles!

******Trickydame Stories – trickydame shares some entertaining based on true event stories at open mics/bookstores/living rooms.

I believe if we can create financial abundance from nuclear energy, fuel energy, gas energy, solar energy … WHY NOT Magic Passion Love Energy! It’s in all of us… and my intention is to create a thriving art business selling my art and other creative projects to earn financial abundance for myself and others.

Would you like to find out how you can share in the MAGIC PASSION LOVE that is Trickydame?!

Email me at: trickydame@gmail.com


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