a cold spring day blog post

I just watched a video by Doreen Virtue and this is a quote that she takes guidance from.

I’ve never begun any important adventure for which I felt adequately prepared! “Sheldon Kopp”

Its definitely saying something to me — so I believe I will allow myself to sit and think about it.

in fact today – one of my “doreen virtue” cards I pulled today was “WAIT” … not feeling very motivated to do much today so instead of staying in the “struggle” mode, I’m going to just chill out and chances are tomorrow — well, I’m going to be well rested and clear headed.

I had a nice conversation with a friend who inspired this image of “frustrating thoughts” … changing our thoughts is like being on a diet — it takes time to change your eating habits so it of course takes time and patience to change your THINKING HABITS!

The Frustrating thoughts are like Chocolate CAKE — do I really need to eat the entire CAKE?? How will I feel if i do? How will I feel if I continue to FEED the FRUSTRATING THOUGHTS! Pretty much the same way as if I ate the entire CAKE!

when I reach for that Frustrating Thought – count to 10 and ask myself … Seriously Joanne — Do you really want to feel that way?!

It’s a choice … it’s all a choice!
I have the power to choose the good feeling thoughts!
I also have lots of help!

I forgive myself for having the frustrating thoughts
I am worthy of feeling good thoughts
I love & approve of myself!

wow …. feels better already! xo


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